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    The Baklava is a very known and preferred dessert in the whole world. It is a dessert made from layers of filo pastry, filled with pistachio and kaymak and sweetened with syrup. Gourmeturca Handmade Assorted Baklava includes 5 different types of baklava and one slice of kadaif. Thus it offers an experience of 6 different flavors in one metal box.


    You can offer Gourmeturca Handmade Assorted Baklava to your homeparties and birthdays or serve them to children and adults who come for religious holiday and special days. It is also an excellent dessert that you can offer to your guests with tea and coffee.


    The shelf life of Baklava is 5 days as long as you keep it in a cool and dry place.

    Baklava Recipe

    Baklava recipe is specific to Turkey in very different ways. Self-diamond comes with a private kitchen at the beginning of flavors in Turkey. Fascinating with the way they are made and the materials used, the baklavas are made in round, square, rose-shaped, twisted, mussel-shaped, and many other forms.
    It is a dessert with syrup and is usually eaten for five o'clock tea after a meal. It is made with sherbet rich, fried, and up to 50-fold dough. The baklavas we deliver to you, fresh and crispy, are safely supplied thanks to Gourmeturca. Turkish delicacies supplied from the best quality places are sent to all parts of Europe in a very short time by express cargo.

    Baklava Recipe History

    Not only Turks but also peoples such as the Middle East, Eastern Mediterranean, and Balkans own baklava. In addition to these, Greeks, Bulgarians, Armenians, Jews, and Arabs also appear when you research. Baklava, which comes from Ottoman geography, can be described as an Ottoman dessert. In the past, baklava was made in the palace in the month of Shaban in Ottoman times.
    In a firm named "Surname," it is seen that baklava is served to the guests. Baklava recipe appears in different ways in every region of the Ottoman Empire. Baklavas, which lead the most beautiful flavors in feasts and festivals, were mostly consumed in palaces and mansions.

    Baklava Recipe and Baklava Procession

    Baklava recipe is made in bakeries from the most beautiful places, and Gourmeturca takes these tastes from the highest quality places and delivers these flavors to you by express cargo. Baklava, which is easily sent to many parts of Europe, has also been the subject of the event we used to call baklava procession. Baklava had a very important place in palaces and was considered wealthy. It was distributed to the soldiers by the Sultan in the middle of the month of Ramadan. Silahtar Ağa received the first sin on behalf of the Sultan, and soldiers carried the other sinks.
    They used to walk through the opened doors, and the people of Istanbul watched this baklava procession. Show of affection was made to the Sultan and the soldiers. This tradition was carried to the Janissaries and was called the baklava procession. Baklava recipe, which is still in our traditional cuisine culture today, is widely made, especially in Antep.

    What is Baklava Recipe?

    Baklava recipe, as it varies from region to region baklava made in different countries is different than in Turkey. The word baklava is of Turkish origin, and it is known as baklava, baklağı in old Turkish. In Mongolian, baklava is derived from the word bayla, which means to tie and wrap. It is a dessert that has been included in the cuisine of many nations and is also owned by many nations.

    Baklava Recipe Types

    According to the region, the recipe for baklava, which has survived from the Ottoman cuisine until today, varies. Antep baklava is a type of baklava that is small in size but larger in height since it is made with 50 layers of dough. Antep baklava, which has an appetizing sherbet with green pistachios, has become famous in a wide geography. Baklava, which is loved and ordered by both expatriates and foreigners, is one of the tastes that are very easy to reach with Gourmeturca.
    Gourmeturca is an establishment that offers you the best Turkish delicacies and transports you to many parts of Europe by express cargo planes. Here you can look at the flavors and choose the one you want, and reserve a place on your table immediately.

    Which Baklava Recipe Is Good

    The baklava recipe differs according to the material used. Desserts made with walnuts, pistachios, and almonds are also made using different materials depending on the region. One of the most popular baklavas is the chubby and the walnut palace wraps.
    Sobiyet is an addictive dessert made with a combination of cream and pistachio. Baklava, which leaves a good taste in the mouth thanks to its intense sherbet, is among the indispensable tastes of the Turks. It is one of the most longed tastes of Turkish citizens working or studying abroad, and it is enough to satisfy even the image.

    Baklava Recipe to Europe

    The best baklava recipes are sent to Europe by express cargo. You can offer the baklava, which is prepared immediately upon your orders and sent to your home safely, to your guests, and you can continue the Turkish traditions abroad.
    Baklava, which has made a name for itself in wide geography, is a Turkish flavor that is very popular with foreigners. Many Europeans are getting service from the Gourmeturca site in order not to be deprived of baklava. The crispy baklava, which is obtained from the best quality baklava, is ready to be shipped and delivered to express cargo. It is delivered safely to your address.

    Turkish Baklava Recipes

    Baklava recipe, but owning by many nations in Europe comes to mind first diamond Turkey. That's why baklava made with the best recipes over Gourmeturca is preferred. The appetizing baklava with the sugar syrup on it is one of the tastes that Turks long for the most. The tradition continues with baklava, which has been served in celebrations and banquets since the past, and Turks still open baklava doughs at their homes on every feast, or employees buy baklava with a tray.
    You can also obtain fresh baklava sold in kilograms and end your longing. With Gourmeturca, where you can find all the Turkish delicacies you crave, the best Turkish delicacies come to your doorstep. Baklava recipe is taken from the most beautiful places, made by the best hands, and delivered safely to your home.

    Estimated Delivery Time:

    US & EU: 1-3 business days

    Middle East - China : 2-5 business days

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