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Dried Mulberries , 12oz - 350g

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  • What is dried mulberry?

    Mulberry is the fruit of mulberry tree, which is a family of mulberry. Mulberry tree has long life, abundant flowering, 3- 15 meters in height, sparse-leaf and top-view, the body is thick, cylinder and steep. Mulberry fruit is located on the flower stem and is the yellow and black fruit that is formed by the crusting of the outer membrane of each flower. Dry berry is the drying of the yellow berries. Dried mulberries, can be consumed raw also can be served as compote and syrup. It is made molasses and pestil, can be used as a mortar for sweet, pudding, biscuit cakes. You can sprinkle to give sweet taste on the salad. It is small and soft.


    When was it discovered?


    It's homeland is Anatolia. From the 12th century onwards, the mulberry tree was cultivated for silkworm cultivation almost all over the land and then the mulberry fruit was discovered; There are raw, dried, crushed varieties as summer fruit.


    Where is the birthplace?

    Dried mulberry, because it loves the sunny climate easily grows in all parts of the country although the frequency of trees in the Central Anatolia region. It is grown widely in Ankara, Elazığ, Malatya, Erzurum and Erzincan.

    How is taste and what are the benefits?

    It is taking shape by little fruit balls and the taste of mulberry is loved by everyone. It has a very delicious and sugary taste. Black mulberry has sour taste so only the white mulberries are dried. Dried mulberry fruit has higher nutritive value than raw fruit. It is natural antioxidant and has many benefits for body health.


    What determines the quality?


    The quality of mulberry comes from the cultivation of soils with high nutritional value and is local. The most efficient and ripe fruits obtained from the harvest are evaluated. Because it is dried under natural conditions or controlled conditions, it is released into the sun under the sun. Its quality understandable by its attractive appearance and color. Quality criteria during storage are less prone to moisture. Another important quality criterion is to keep its own moisture in the package.

    Where is it produced?

    Mulberry tree is replicated from seed. It is also suitable for garden production and can be seen in parks and gardens as ornamental tree. It likes climate as warm weather and soil as soft and permeable soils. It is grown in trees that do not require much water.

    Mulberry harvest is cumbersome. It is performed in April and May. Mulberry maturation of time you need to follow good; if it is collected early and manual, it paints hands, clothes. Those that are fully mature will be poured and wasted. For this reason, under the trees large sheets are laid. It is spring fruit and starts to be consumed from May. It is 100% organic and protected by its manual and shaking collection method.

    How is it produced?

    Traditional natural method of sun drying is done. First, the maturity of fruits is tested. The maturing fruits are harvested. In dry and windy weather, it is dried on top of the cloth or dried by stringing. After extracting and cleaning it is kept under the sun so that the excess water in it evaporates and its essence remains. clean sheets are made on top. The average takes 4-5 days. Drying grapes are subjected to cleaning and selection.

    How is the production stage?

    In the whole production process and world standards are working 

    diligently at modern grape factories with technological equipments. All production stages are audited by audit firms. Transported grapes are taken into hygienic environment and sorted according to their size. The quality ones are extracted, the foreign materials are cleaned, the dust is cleaned on the top. It is dried on a flat surface in natural clear sunny weather and stored in cool place. It is packaged in a way that it cannot be aired according to the feature of fruit and it is presented to you.

    What is the shelf life and storage conditions?

    Shelf Life is 3 months in a cool and dry place.



  • Nutrition Facts
    Serving Size:
    100 grams
    Amount Per Serving
    Calories from Fat 46.7
    Calories 333.3
    % Daily Value*
    Total Fat 5 grams
    Saturated Fat 0 grams
    Trans Fat 0 grams
    Cholesterol 0 milligrams
    Sodium 0 milligrams
    Potassium 1566.7 milligrams
    Total Carbohydrates 70 grams
    Dietary Fiber 16.7 grams
    Sugars 40 grams
    Protein 6.7 grams
    Percent Daily Values are based on a 2000 calorie diet.


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