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    The Baklava is a very known and preferred dessert in the whole world. Handmade Chocolate Pistachio Baklava is a dessert made from layers of filo pastry, filled with pistachio and chocolate aroma and sweetened with syrup. Gourmeturca offers a delicious opportunity for those who love both baklava and chocolate in one dessert.


    Contains beet sugar, water, wheat flour, ghee, wheat starch, egg, table salt, pistachio, chocolate


    You can offer Handmade Chocolate Pistachio Baklava to your homeparties and birthdays or serve them to children and adults who come for religious holiday and special days. It is also an excellent dessert that you can offer to your guests with tea and coffee.


    The shelf life of Baklava is 5 days as long as you keep it in a cool and dry place.

    Baklava Near Me

    Baklava, which is made by placing walnut or pistachio between the thin doughs, is flavored with sugar syrup. Central Asian Turkish origin baklava is a dessert that is consumed by Turks, and foreigners cannot give up when they eat. Turkey has made a name in wide geography with its sweet and came forward with this feature. Loved by everyone, baklavas are mouth-watering desserts, specially made in the Antep region.
    Baklavas made with doughs that are opened one by one and cooked one by one have their origins in katmer made with mortar. Wheat was used as the main ingredient due to the lack of water in Central Asia, and baklava came from the word Baklahu, which means bundle and dumpling. Baklava, which was made only with walnut for the first time, started to be produced with pistachio as well as walnut as it came to Anatolia and took its present form.

    Baklava Near Me with Gourmeturca

    For the baklava near me, you can order the baklava you miss by visiting the Gourmeturca site. Baklavas sent by express cargo are delivered to all parts of Europe in a short time. It is transported safely by being supplied from quality places. Baklavas, which are eaten a lot during holidays, are desserts with sherbet that leave a good taste on the palate that the eater wants to eat again.
    During the month of Ramadan, trays were distributed to the janissaries during the Ottoman period, and this was called the Baklava Procession. Nowadays, the Gaziantep region comes to mind when the baklava near me is mentioned. The main ingredient of baklava here is Antep pistachio.

    Quality Baklava Near Me

    With the baklava near me, you can reach the most beautiful baklava from the flavors you long for. The baklava's raw materials, which are supplied from quality places and delivered to you, are also provided from the best suppliers and produced in ideal form. Baklava, the ingredients of which are used in the best way and prepared by the masters, are adequately cooked.
    The desserts that appeal to the eyes and are in golden yellow color are delivered to you without spoiling their shapes and forms. The slices of regular desserts, which are cut correctly, come to your home with the top yellow and base yellow equal and without changing the color of the pistachio. It is a crispy flavor that leaves a pleasant taste in the mouth. You can reserve a place on your table for baklava, which melts quickly in the mouth and makes you feel while eating all the ingredients.

    Baklava Near Me By Region

    Baklava, which is different from region to region, is made with walnut and pistachio, and it is also different in shape. Their shapes are also delicious. We send Antep baklava, which is especially famous in Antep, to your home. You can reach the tastes you miss the most on the Gourmeturca website, which we have prepared so that you can access Turkish delicacies such as baklava.
    Baklava, which has a variety of recipes, is a dessert made with a lot of syrup, and when eaten, the main point is that the sherbet flows into the mouth. The more sugary and intense the baklava is, the more delicious it is. Baklava, which is downloaded on holidays and when guests come, has become a tradition, and in recent years it has been started to be made at home. Baklava is made with thin doughs opened in trays, especially during holidays, and baklava is made with a tray of walnuts and a tray with pistachios.

    Reaching Taste With Baklava Near Me

    Baklava near me is especially useful for Turkish expatriates living abroad. They find flavors that they cannot find in Europe on the Gourmeturca site. Baklava is the flag carrier of Turkish delicacies and is the most important of all tastes.
    The harmony of walnuts and pistachios placed between thinly rolled doughs makes one eat another meal. They also go without foreigners' trial when they come to Turkey baklava, now it comes into your house without having to come to Turkey. Thanks to being sent by express cargo, it reaches you within a few days after the order.
    It takes its place in your stomach without compromising its freshness and taste. The baklava near me is perhaps even closer than the Turkish patisserie you will find abroad. It continuously goes ahead of eating, sent from Turkey by Gourmeturca which offers fresh opportunities for baklava. Thanks to the service they provide, it is quickly brought to your home with a single order. It is very simple to complete your shopping with easy payment options.

    Baklava Near Me Gourmeturca

    Gourmeturca is a service with a Turkish flavor in a short time rather than every European than Turkey. It prepares Turkish delicacies from quality suppliers and sends them to you by express cargo. You can get the flavors near you within a few days by ordering, and you can reserve a place for them on your table. All your Turkish delicacies that you long for, from baklava to other desserts, from wraps to ravioli, are now very close.
    You can buy baklavas that are as close as a click by the kilo, and you can stock up baklava in your home. You can introduce Turkish flavors to your guests and make them addicted to Antep baklava. Baklava, which comes to mind first when it comes to Turkish flavor, is sent quickly with the slogan of baklava near me. Thanks to express cargo, wherever you are in Europe, you are not deprived of these flavors.

    What is Baklava Near Me?

    Baklava near me is a site where you can quickly get one of the Turkish delicacies, baklava with walnut and pistachio, by ordering. Through Gourmeturca, you can choose other Turkish delicacies besides the baklavas sent to your door and taste the flavors you do not want to be deprived of. You can get service from the Gourmeturca site to bring the most beautiful aromas of your hometown to your home and end your longing.

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    Middle East - China : 2-5 business days

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