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  • What is the Handmade Pistachio Baklava?

    Baklava is a dessert made from layers of filo pastry, filled with pistachio and kaymak and sweetened with syrup. It is made from natural and fresh ingredients. The crunchiness of one bite of Baklava, its mild flavour melted in the mouth, its gloss and flavour and the texture of the syrup create a great sensation. So you can offer it in your very special days. The Baklava is a very known and preferred dessert in the whole world.

    When was Baklava discovered?

    It is confirmed that Baklava was known in the Central Asia and was entered the Turkish cuisine from that origin. It started to be known in the Ottoman Royal cuisine in the 17th century. At the end of that century Baklava festival was set to become one of the most irreplaceable ceremonies in the Empire. It was offered to the rich and upper class members at that period. Baklava is growing in popularity. And besides, it was registered as the first Turkish product in 2003.

    Where is the Baklava’s birthplace?

    The birthplace of Baklava is Gaziantep, where the Handmade Pistachio Baklava is made in a very professional way.

    How does the Handmade Pistachio Baklava taste and what are its benefits?

    The flavour of Baklava derived from its numerous contents. It is made from flour, amylum, baking powder, sugar, eggs, yogurt, vinegar, oil, butter and pistachio. The fragant smell of the butter and the filling pistachio give you a great sentation. It does not cause heartburn to you.

    What does determine the Handmade Pistachio Baklava’s quality?

    The baklava is filled with the smell of pistachios originated in Gaziantep, which is located in the Southeastern Anatolia.
    The texture and the quality of its syrup determine its flavour. The syrup should not be so sweety or so sour. One of the important points in making Baklava is to make the layers so thin in order to make the dessert melts in the mouth.

    Where is the Handmade Pistachio Baklava made?

    Baklava is preferred and tempted the palate of different people in the whole world.It is made by the most famous and dexterous chefs. Our production devision has the most technologically modern equipments which meet the international standards of Hygiene.

    How is the Handmade Pistachio Baklava made?

    The Baklava: the Handmade Pistachio Baklava is made from 40 layers of filo pastry. First, we make the mixture of flour, egg, yogurt, vinegar, oil, and butter. Then, we knead the dough, cut it up to small balls and wait for it to rise. Then, we dust the amylum and baking powder on the balls. We flatten the parsty balls by the rolling pin to form the very thin layers of the filo pastry. We cut it into 4 pieces. We garnish the Baklava pieces with Pistachio powder and put them on the baking tray.
    And we pour the melted butter on it. Then, we bake it in a hot oven on 160 degrees until the colour is golden, so we remove it from oven to add some more melted butter and put it back in the oven and bake it for more 45 minutes.
    The syrup: we boil a mix of 5 glasses of water and 4 glasses of sugar for 15 minutes then we add a few drops of lemon juice and boil it for more 1-2 minutes. We pour the syrup on the Baklava after removing it from the oven. It will be ready to be served after percolating the syrup into it.

    What are the production steps of the Handmade Pistachio Baklava?

    Our Baklava does not contain any of additive substances or artificial sweeteners. The sort of flour, the water amount added to the dough, the quality of amylum, and the flavour of the pistachio are the factors forming the unique taste of Baklava during the production process.
    After determining the amount of flour under computer-aided control, it is shaked in a double sifter and kneaded in very special machines. Then, it is flattened by the dough sheeter machines to a 5 mm thickness and then it is flattened by the rolling pins used by the chefs to a 5 micron thickness. Finally, it is shaped according to the sort of Baklava and baked in a hot oven.

    What are the shelf life and the storage conditions of Baklava?

    The shelf life of Baklava is 5 days as long as you keep it in a cool and dry place.

    How is the Handmade Pistachio Baklava packed?

    We pack Baklava in a metal box, after vacuuming it in a very secure way.

    Pistachio baklava

    Baklava pistachio is undoubtedly the most popular and preferred among baklava varieties. Baklava takes a name according to the material sprinkled between the doughs. The delicious pistachio baklava of Antep emerges as a result of the carefully obtained fresh pistachios that are collected and ground on time and then combined with the thin baklava dough. Baklava, which can also be made with walnuts and hazelnuts, is in high demand for its made with peanuts. According to the baklava masters of Gaziantep, the original baklava is the one with pistachio. Baklava with pistachio is a dessert with syrup; It leaves an intense flavor on the palate.

    About the Origin of Baklava

    Although the origin of baklava is not known exactly, it has emerged with the contributions of many nations, according to the researches. Baklava, which has been included in the Middle East, Balkan, Mesopotamian, Ottoman, and Central Asian cuisines, is a very tasty dessert with syrup. Ottoman cuisine was introduced to baklava pistachio as a result of the migration of Central Asian Turks to Anatolian lands.
    The migrating Central Asian Turks, with the baklava culture they brought with them, made this magnificent dessert a place among today's delicacies. The "baklava processions" organized by the janissaries in the Ottoman palaces are an indication of the importance given to this dessert. Baklava with pistachio, which has been moved from culture to culture for centuries, has taken its present form as a result of its evolution.

    Handmade Antep Baklava

    Nowadays, wherever you go in the world, the first thing that comes to mind when you say Antep is undoubtedly baklava. Famous baklava culture with pistachio that is identified with Gaziantep; It is due to the skill of the masters living here and the quality of the materials used. It is known that the most important factor in spreading the pistachio baklava culture in Gaziantep is thanks to the caravans going to Aleppo.
    These caravans constantly went to Aleppo and carried the baklava making and tricks that they learned from Aleppo masters to Gaziantep, and provided further development. It is much easier nowadays to reach baklava, which is identified with Gaziantep in our country and gained tremendous momentum in the market. In this context, the Gourmeturca family, which provides fast and reliable transportation to the famous handmade baklava, provides service to European countries via Express cargo.

    How To Make Baklava?

    On the way to baklava, firstly, the main ingredients such as flour, water, yogurt, egg, salt are mixed, and 40 layers of dough are obtained from the kneaded dough, each thin. Among these doughs, pistachios, famous for their emerald green color and unique taste, or walnuts and hazelnuts are added. The cream can also be added between the doughs according to the type of some baklava. The most refined plain butter made from sheep or goat's milk is poured on the doughs lined up on a tray and cut to the desired shape, and sent to the oven for cooking. The previously prepared sherbet is poured over the baked pistachio baklava, rested, and served.

    What Are The Types Of Baklava?

    Baklava has been developed over the years and has gained today's taste. In this process, different types of baklava were produced according to taste and demand. It varies according to the internal material, construction stage, and shape. Baklava with pistachio, walnut, hazelnut, cream, chocolate, and even blackberry is available in many ingredients and flavors.
    Mussel Baklava with the name it takes from its shape, Burma Baklava with the name it got from the shrinkage of the rolling pin during the construction phase, the Walnut Saray Sarma, which is made in round shapes and contains walnuts, the Chocolate Pistachio Baklava due to the chocolate inside and the Blackberry Baklava made in purple color due to the blackberry extract used in the dough. There are many types of baklava. It is possible to reach all these baklavas made in various flavors via Gourmeturca. Gourmeturca, which provides shipping abroad with express cargo, has a wide range that appeals to everyone's grooming taste.

    Tips for a Good Baklava

    The most important point of homemade baklava is the quality of the prepared dough. This factor, starting with the quality of the flour used, continues with the thinner doughs than paper. The thinner the doughs are rolled, the more crispy baklava is obtained. The freshness and quality of the material to be used in it is the most important point of good baklava.
    With the color used for pistachio baklava, pistachio adds a great visuality to baklava; It cheers our palates with its taste. The best quality hazelnuts of Ordu and the most delicious walnuts of our country affect the taste of baklava. In addition, the more natural the oil used for baklava, the more delicious baklava is obtained. Another trick is to choose plain butter made from butter.

    How to Store Baklava?

    Baklava is a very sherbet dessert. Sherbet desserts, on the other hand, confectionery as the waiting time increases. In this case, it negatively affects the initial freshness and taste of the dessert. It is recommended to store baklava in a cool and dry place rather than a refrigerator to preserve the freshness and taste of the first day.
    Baklava, which is kept in the refrigerator, has a longer life, but it is more likely to be sugar. The shelf life of baklava, which is kept in a cool and dry place, is five days, but it preserves its flavor longer. In this case, it would be best to choose a sun-free and moisture-free area for the pistachio baklava, where you want to preserve its flavor for a longer time.

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