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    Handmade Dolma is a kind of traditional Turkish cuisine and appetizer made by wrapping rice and various spice mixtures on vine leaves. Gourmeturca offers you your favorite Handmade Sour Turkish Dolma with the most practical form. You can put it directly on the plates and serve. In addition, it is an ideal choice especially for those who work hard and who do not have time to cook.


    Contains vine leaves, rice, onion, tomato, parsley, pepper paste, lemon, extra virgin olive oil, spices.

    What is Dolma?

    Dolma; It is one of the most popular dishes in Turkey. Dolma, which is extremely troublesome to make, is known as an 'olive oil meal'. It is also known as wrapping a rice mixture on the vine leaves of grapes. This dish, which requires vine leaves for its production, is indispensable for the holidays. It is one of the most delicious meals served to the Dolma guests at special events or religious holidays. A handmade dish, dolma is served with lemon. The rice mixture placed in it can be made in several different ways. In short, the question of "what is Dolma" can be answered as a mixture of rice in grape leaves.

    Dolma; It is one of the indispensable flavors of Turkish cuisine, which is a popular place all over the world. The making of the popular dolma in all its forms requires experience. You can also buy the Dolma that you can make in your home. You can buy our handmade Dolma with Gourmeturca privileges for you. You can order each carefully wrapped Dolma with a single click. You can serve it to make your guests taste this flavor.

    How to Make Dolma?

    Making dolma, a dish unique to Turkish people is quite troublesome. Being a handmade dish, dolma is a dish that requires experience. It is a little difficult for someone who has not wrapped Dolma stuffing before, to be successful on their first try. Because the process of wrapping Dolma is not as simple as it seems. Adjusting the thickness of the Dolma right is an important point in terms of flavor and cooking. For this reason, attention should be paid to the thickness of the Dolma.

    The selection of leaves must first be made correctly in making Dolma. Because the immature form of the vine leaves is very hard. No matter how much water it is softened, its hardness will be felt on the tooth. For this reason, fresh and mature vine leaves should be selected first. Since it is not possible to find vine leaves at all times of the year, you can also prefer pickled leaves. For example, pickled vine leaves at Gourmeturca are a very good option for wrapping Dolma.

    After the vine leaves are selected, they should be softened by boiling them in hot water for a few minutes. Then, it should be kept in cold water again to ensure that it does not lose its flavor. After the vine leaves soften, the rice stuffing must be prepared for Dolma.

    The rice mixture prepared to fill the inside of the grape leaves may differ. Because the mixture with rice can also be made by mixing with minced meat, nuts, currants, and spices such as cinnamon. This creates a different recipe each time.

    How to Wrap the Dolma?

    The mixture with rice is prepared, it should be filled into the vine leaves. This process is very important. Because wrapping Dolma is a very difficult process. A sufficient amount of rice mixture should be placed in the middle of the vine leaf. Then the edges should be closed and wrapped like a cigarette. The important thing is to be able to wrap the Dolma tightly.

    As we told you, Dolma; It is a long meal to make. If you want to wrap Dolma in your home, you can buy our pickled vine leaves. If you do not want to make Dolma in your home, you can easily buy it at our Gourmeturca address. You can order our carefully handmade wrapped Dolma options with a click. The Dolma is delivered to your door as fresh as the first day. You can start eating the ready-made Dolma food as you wish by opening the lid of the jar.

    How to Make Dolma with Pickled Vine Leaves?

    The feature of pickled vine leaves is that it is long-lasting by waiting in saltwater. Since it is in salty water, the leaves must first be purified from excess salt. It should be removed from excess salt by placing vine leaves in some water. Then the Dolma should be prepared. As we explained above, rice and bulgur mixture should be prepared. The rice mixture mixed with the necessary spices should be cooked a little. Then, the rice mixture should be placed in the middle of the desalted leaves and the wrapping process should be completed. After wrapping it completely, it should be passed to the cooking stage by arranging it in a pot.

    After all the wraps are lined up in the pot, water should be added to it. The cooking process should be started by burning at the lowest heat. A few slices of lemon should be placed on the slowly cooking wraps and continue to cook. The cooking process should be finished after all the water has been drawn from the last filling side.

    How Should a Dolma Leaf Be?

    It is very important how the vine leaves are in order to make stuffed. Vine leaves that are not collected in time become hard and streaky. Hard and streaky leaves are not suitable for wrapping Dolma. For this reason, vine leaves should be collected at the right time of the year. Vine leaves are usually collected in May and June. Apart from these periods, its hard and veined structure is not suitable for wrapping Dolma.

    The vine leaves to be Dolma must be without veins. The veins in the vine leaves are hard. In the Dolma wrapped with veined leaves, the veins are felt with the teeth. For this reason, it is very important to choose veinless leaves. In addition, the leaves must be hairless.

    In addition to the vine leaves, which are usually collected in May and June, there is also a pickled option. Brine; is the state of preserved vine leaves. They are kept in salty water so that they can be used for a longer time. The Dolma can be wrapped directly with pickled vine leaves. It does not need to go through any pre-cooking process.

    If you cannot find vine leaves when you want to make Dolma in your home, you can choose pickled leaves. You can buy the pickled vine leaves on our Gourmeturca site and use them to make Dolma immediately. In addition to the vine leaves, you can also buy handmade ready-made Dolma options.

    Can Other Dishes Be Made With Dolma Leaves?

    It can be used in many different dishes other than grape leaves. It adapts to different dishes with its slightly sour and delicious taste. There are many different types that are made by wrapping foods such as fish and meat. Thanks to its structure, it can protect the food put into it. For this reason, it suits the fish very well. It is cooked without dispersing. It also allows the flavor to pass on to the fish.

    In various recipes, ground beef is also added to the brine vine leaves. It is cooked with a mixture of minced meat dolma, tomato paste, and water. At this point, it allows the taste of minced meat and rice to pass again. In other words, vine leaves are a material that goes well with red meat products.

    How Should The Dolma be Served?

    Dolma is a dish that can be consumed both hot and cold. Olive oil dolma is usually consumed cold as an appetizer. It is cooked with Dolma lemon slices, which are delicious in every form. Thus, it has a slightly sour taste. After cooking with dolma, it can be served with yogurt. Yogurt is generally preferred in addition to its warm form. However, it is quite compatible with both hot and cold yogurt.

    In addition to yogurt, it can be served in different ways. religious holidays in Turkey are usually served alongside Turkish baklava wrap. Dolma is a great option to suppress the salty cravings after eating baklava with syrup. For this reason, it is a dish that can be served with baklava.


    You can prepare a pleasant dinner by equipping your table with Gourmeturca Handmade Sour Turkish Dolma and other appetizers. You can offer it to your homeparties and birthdays or serve them to children and adults who come for religious holiday. In addition, it is one of the special tastes that can accompany with tea. 


    The product should be stored in the refrigerator at +4 degrees before and after opening. It should be consumed within 4 days after opening the package.

    Estimated Delivery Time:

    • US & EU: 1-3 business days
    • Middle East - China : 2-5 business days


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