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Jasmine Pearls Tea , 5.3oz - 150g

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  • What is the jasmine pearls tea?


    It is from the olive family. As it is apparent from the name, the tea small pearls are made from jasmine. It is a natural and pure tea and it takes its flavor from the flowers. It gives you a sweet sensation in your mouth.  It has a fragrant smell thanks to the jasmine. The flavor and the smell can be preserved for long time because it has the buds inside it.


    When was the jasmine pearls tea discovered?


    It was produced first in Rize Çaykur in Turkey in 1982.


    Where is the birthplace of the jasmine tea?


    The jasmine flower is popular in the Mediterranean region and it grows in the south region in Anatolia. And the birthplace of green tea is Rize.


    How does the jasmine pearls tea taste and what are its benefits?


    The flavor of the delicious green tea and the fragrant jasmine pearls make a harmony. It is the most popular tea among the fragrant teas. It can be drunk cold and hot. It relaxes and refreshes your sensations. The flower grows in spacious and dimly lit places, in humic and humid soils. It requires lots of water in summer. And in winter it is so sensitive to cold. The herb of the jasmine plant is as delicate as pearls. It represents the pureness, innocence, limpidity and beauty. Besides, it is used for decoration due to its pleasant smell.


    What does determine the quality of jasmine tea?


    It contains the pearls of jasmine which has the best loose hips. It is considered as a piece of art because it is made manually. It is one of the most favourite green teas.


    Where is the jasmine pearls tea made?


    Jasmine flower is one of the plants that grow in high places with hot climate and the green tea grows in high agricultural lands. We pick them in june-september and make the tea in our production sections by combining the efforts of Turkish engineers and workers. The jasmine tea is produced in steel materials by dipping methods. The production in steel materials continues in autumn. The environment must be hot to take roots and the dampness level must be equal. The production by dipping is faster than the other. It is the one used method every year.


    How is the jasmine pearls tea is prepared?


    We add 1-2 spoon of jasmine tea to 180 ml of water and heat them at 75-80 C for 6-8 minutes. The pearls start to open its leaves and leave the buds on the water. The leaves are brewed for some more time. After straining the tea we can sweet it with honey or pekmez.


    What are the production steps of Jasmine pearls tea?


    We pick the jasmine flowers with their buds and stems in summer and the buds of green tea in spring. We preserve the green color of the green tea leaves by shocking it at high heat for a while. And we heat the jasmine pearls at medium heat or under the sunlight. After making it smooth we twist the buds with stems. Then, we make small balls of jasmine buds and the two top leaves of green tea. Finally we heat the pearls to give it a perfect flavor.


    What are the shelf life and the storage conditions of jasmine pearls tea?


    The shelf life of jasmine tea is one year as long as you keep it in a dry place away from the direct sunlight.

    • Nutrition Facts
      Serving Size:
      tea bag 100 grams
      Amount Per Serving
      Calories from Fat 0
      Calories 0
      % Daily Value*
      Total Fat 0 grams
      Saturated Fat 0 grams
      Trans Fat 0 grams
      Cholesterol 0 milligrams
      Sodium 0 milligrams
      Potassium 1250 milligrams
      Total Carbohydrates 0 grams
      Dietary Fiber 0 grams
      Sugars 0 grams
      Protein 0 grams
      Percent Daily Values are based on a 2000 calorie diet.

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