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Natural Karakovan Honeycomb , 2.75lb - 1.25kg

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  • What is karakovan honeycomb?


    The karakovan honeycomb is a cure for human’s body. This honeycomb is made from the essential oil of the flora of the high mountains in Anatolia, the scarce flowers and the endemic plants. The karakovan honeycomb has two colors, the black color is made by the queen bee and the white one is made by the cluster bees. Our karakovan honeycomb, the wonder of nature is exported to all over the world.


    When was karakovan honeycomb discovered?


    The historical origin of the honey goes back to the history of humanity. Although it is unknown who made it but the fact is that bees exist and work for more than 30 million years. Throughout history, honey was a nutritional source for humanity and considered very signifacant and sacred by all religions. The turkish people knew bees in the wild environment and used the wildflower honey for nutrition besides it is confirmed in the written sources that when they settled in life they started to work in animal husbandry and apiculture. That was clear that there were insects on flowers on the walls ornaments made in Çatalhöyük in 9.000-8.000 BC. The archives of the Ottoman palace in the 15th and 17th century confirmed that 14-65 tons of honey was consumed per year. And today honey is still one of the inseparable parts of our cuisine. 


    Where is the birthplace of karakovan honeycomb?


    The birthplace of the karakovan honeycomb is in East Anatolia. It is specially made in Sivas, Hakkari and Siirt.


    How does the honeycomb taste and what are its benefits?


    The karakovan honeycomb gives you a little bit of burning sensation in your mouth and it is very rich in volatile oils. It is produced according to the principals of the ministry of agriculture and forestry. It is not extracted from the honeycomb so consumed together. The nutritional quality of karakovan honeycomb is high. It is a favored honey for its naturalness and pureness.


    What does affect the quality of karakovan honeycomb?


    The plant cover impacts the quality of the honeycomb. The most significant factor of the quality is depending on the features of the production areas. It is not extracted from the honeycomb so consumed together.

    Where it Karakovan honeycomb made?


    On the high mountains way from the residential area where the essential oil of 1700 different flowers is collected by bees, the karakovan honeycomb is made in beehives or in barks. It has the name karakovan, which means dark beehive, because it is stored in dark places for 6 months.


    How is karakovan honeycomb made?


    The tongue of eastern bees is too long. They collect the essential oils and nectars of the most beautiful flowers. Then, they enter the wooden beehive made especially for them, shape the honeycomb and store the honey inside it. At first, the honey contains lots of water. So the bees flutter their wings over the cells of the honeycomb to make the water evaporates, after that they cover the honeycomb by beeswax. At this stage, we can take the honeycomb and start to the honey harvest process. The harvest is generally mad in the mornings. Most beekeepers change the location of the beehive to enrich the honey in the all aspects.


    What are the production steps of karakovan honeycomb?


    The honey is produced in the honeycomb inside the wooden beehives in their natural environments within 4 months, Keeping an eye on it away from the direct sunlight. The perfect season for harvest is autumn at the end of September and the beginning of October. We extract almost 1-1.5 kg of the karakovan honey from each honeycomb. After that there will be no need to any of making process. It is a supernatural elixir. Any procedure that might affect the taste and the smell of the honeycomb during the heating and storing processes is avoided.


    What are the shelf life and the storage conditions of karakovan honeycomb?


    The karakovan honeycomb must be kept in light-proof and airtight containers at room temperature.


    How is karakovan honeycomb packed?


    We put the honeycomb in metal boxes to be delivered.

    • Nutrition Facts
      Serving Size:
      100 grams
      Amount Per Serving
      Calories from Fat 0
      Calories 300.1
      % Daily Value*
      Total Fat 0 grams
      Sodium 0 milligrams
      Total Carbohydrates 80 grams
      Sugars 80 grams
      Protein 0 grams
      Percent Daily Values are based on a 2000 calorie diet.

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