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Natural Hazelnut Butter Glass Jar , 7.05oz - 200g

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    Lutfiye Natural Hazelnut Butter Glass Jar is obtained by completely natural methods and meets the body's protein needs. It is made of 100% natural hazelnuts and is presented to you in a healthy glass jar. As soon as you open the cover, the smell of hazelnut will take you under its influence.


    Contains organic hazelnut, organic apple juice


    You can consume Lutfiye Natural Hazelnut Butter Glass Jar on toasted bread with honey at your breakfast. In addition, it can be consumed in breakfast cereal. You can also serve it to your guests by adding them to the cakes and cookies.


    Keep away from direct sun light. Store in cool place.

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    • US: 1-3 business days
    • Middle East - China : 2-5 business days



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