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Ottoman Sultan's Macun , 240 g



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- للمتزوجين - , طعمه كتير طيب معلقتين كافين ليعطيك طاقه كتير كبيره بنصحكم اكتر من معلقتين لاتاخدوا مشان مايصير فيكم متلي هههههههههههههههه
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- رائع - , منتج رائع بكل معنى الكلمه للنشاط والحيويه وطريقة تغليفه متقنه بشكل ممتاز وبتشكركم على سرعة وصول المنتج
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  • Ottoman Sultan's Macun , 240 g
    • The Ottoman Sultan's Macun gained a worldwide fame from Manisa, Turkey. The macun has a very special taste and it is served in so many festivals. The Ottoman Sultan's Macun is made from forty different kinds of spices and mixed with honey to be offered in glass jars.
    • The Ottoman Sultan's Macun does not contain any kind of additive substances but spices.
    • We pack and ship Ottoman Sultan's Macun in a glass jar.
    • The shelf life of Ottoman Sultan's Macun is two years as long as you keep it in a cool and dry place away from the direct sunlight.

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