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Ottoman Sultan's Macun , 8.4oz - 240g

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    What is the Ottoman Sultan’s macun?


    The natural herbal macun is made from a mix of unique delicious spices. It is consumed for healing purposes since the ottoman era and is still used intensively to find cure. The herbal macun has so many indigenous ingredients which are maca, giant fennel, cardamom, saffron, barrenwort, bindi, cinnamon, sour salt, carob pekmez, honey, and bee mil. It can be added to hot water or milk to be ready for drinking. The macun can be used to sweet tea and coffee too. Besides, it can be consumed as a sort of dessert.



    When was the Ottoman Sultan’s macun discovered?


    The origin of the macun goes back to the old traditions in Anatolia. During the polytheistic era, the Anatolian people, when they had faith in the god of herbs, were eating the macun believing in its healing powers. During the monotheism era, the macun was served in an annual festival. Besides, this macun cured the mother of Suleiman the Magnificent, Hafsa Sultan. In 1500, the ceremonies lasted by offering the macun from the minaret of Sultan mosque to people of Manisa.



    Where is the birthplace of Ottoman Sultan’s macun?


    The Ottoman Sultan’s macun is one of the indigenous tastes of Manisa, one of the historical cities in Anatolia, the cradle of ancient civilization. It is inscribed on the list of the intangible cultural heritage by UNESCO.



    How does the macun taste and what are its benefits?


    The Ottoman macun has a pleasant smell and delicious flavor thanks to each one of the scented herbs and spices. It is a cure for what ails you thanks to its natural honey. It has a fragrant smell and pleasant flavor. It is full of energy. It strengthens your body. The herbal macun is known for its traditional flavor. It is an old curative product used today for treatment purposes.



    What does determine the quality of the Ottoman Sultan’s macun?

    The Ottoman Sultan’s macun is one of the irreplaceable nutritional sources thanks to the natural honey made by the Caucasian bees, the fragrant precious herbs, seeds and spices, the strength gained in the body, and the cure powers that it has. It has a great quality because each process is made very carefully.


    Where is the Ottoman Sultan’s macun made?

    The Ottoman Sultan’s macun is made in the firms which have the right to produce it according to the principals of the Turkish food security. It is made monthly. Each step of the process of the production and storage is made according to the international quality standards. The Ottoman Sultan’s macun can be made in houses because the ingredients are supplied from natural environment. The most important points of the production are the weight of spices and the mixture of the ingredients.


    How is the Ottoman Sultan’s macun made?

    We put all the herbs in a metal mortar and grind them. We boil cold water, honey and sour salt together in another pot. We stir the mixture at a temperature of 105°C for 45-60 minutes to make it sticky. Then, we let it rest and cool for one day. On the following day, we add the all the herbs to it and mix them together. After that, we serve the Ottoman Sultan’s macun by means of scissors.


    What are the production steps of the Ottoman Sultan’s macun?

    We pick each herb at their perfect time and in the perfect way, bring the best of them to the production section, and then we make it according to the recipe of the traditional methods. After finishing the cooking step we put the macun in glass jars to be consumed easily. The Ottoman Sultan’s macun is completely natural and does not contain any kind of additive substances. 



    What are the shelf life and the storage conditions of the Ottoman Sultan’s macun?


    The shelf life of the Ottoman Sultan’s macun is two years as long as you keep it in a cool place away from the direct sunlight.


    How is the macun packed?


    We pack the macun in glass jars to be delivered to you.



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