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Ramadan Iftar Box , 8 Pieces

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  • Ramadan Abundance in Iftar Boxes

    Muslims and many other beliefs are fasting on certain months and days to educate their naps to understand people and ensure unity and solidarity. Muslims learned patience, compassion, and hunger during this fasting period until dawn before dawn and evening call to prayer. By expressing his closeness to Allah in this way, he understood the poor's condition and gave him a piece of his bread. Various meals and iftar tables are set up in many houses during Ramadan. Some foods, in a way peculiar to Turkey, are situated in the traditional dishes.

    Ramadan, the month of Ramadan pide, Mebrum Date, like a sultan in many foods and beverage syrup is only produced in Turkey. Expatriates can have access to all Turkish traditional and delicious dishes by ordering Ramadan iftar boxes to access traditional Turkish food during these months. There are 8 traditional Turkish foods and drinks in the box. These foods, called iftar in the box, are sent by fast shipping method with special packages so that ex-pats can reach them abroad.

    What Is in Iftar Boxes?

    Local and delicious Turkish foods are collected in iftar boxes. Efforts have been initiated to collect all traditional Turkish foods in a special box for the month of Ramadan so that Turks who have to live abroad are not deprived of these foods. There are traditional Turkish delicacies in certain sizes and sizes in the boxes called Ramadan iftar boxes.

    Special packaging of these special foods for the month of Ramadan is kept in special boxes to prevent any deterioration during the journey. Thus, those living abroad can access Turkish food special to Ramadan under the name of iftar pack. There are many kinds of food and drink in the box, from dessert to meal, from sherbet to beverage. These foods and drinks are;

    • Şekerpare Dessert 250gr
    • Zamzam 250 ml
    • Turkish Ramadan Pide 350gr
    • Mebrum Date 500gr
    • Sultan Sherbet 250ml
    • Ready-to-Eat Çiğköfte Set
    • Tripe Soup, 480ml - 16.23oz
    • Turnip Juice , 10.15floz - 300ml

    Weight of Food Contained in Ramadan Boxes

    There are 8 Turkish food and beverage products in certain weights in the iftar food box produced specifically for Ramadan. For the food in the box to be sent everywhere easily, different and specific weights must be produced. There are 8 food and beverages in Ramadan iftar boxes prepared by special chefs and Turkish food special to Ramadan. These boxes, which are specially prepared for the month of Ramadan, are wrapped with special packaging protection packages, and no deterioration and explosion occur during the journey. The meals in the iftar lunch box have certain and different weights.

    Desserts are usually available in boxes of 250 to 500 grams. Şekerpare dessert is in 250 grams, mebrum dates are 500 grams, and Sultan sherbet is 250 millimeters in the box. The box is ready to be consumed easily everywhere as iftar. Thus, it can be easily sent to countries that want to consume abroad. These products are available in the iftar lunch box as Zamzem 250 millimeters, Turkish Ramadan pide 350 grams, ready-to-eat raw meatballs 600 grams, tripe soup 480 millimeters, turnip juice 300 millimeters.

    Ramadan Pide

    As an indispensable part of the whole month of Ramadan, Ramadan pide even causes the formation of queues. It is a type of bread with a high satiety and nutritiousness thanks to the sesame found in Ramadan pitas kneading with special dough and butter. The reason why it is consumed, especially during Ramadan, with its more filling feature, it helps to expel toxins in the body. Today, many bakeries produce pide outside of Ramadan. But usually, the month of Ramadan, they are fake. This bread consumed in Ramadan is only being produced in Turkey.

    Boxes of iftar are sent worldwide so that expatriates living abroad are not deprived of this bread. Turkish Ramadan pide in these boxes is available in boxes in certain weights. Thus, you can access Ramadan pide all over the world. Thanks to its special packaging, it is delivered freshly to all over the world. The company, which provides this service to worldwide with the special shipping method, successfully serves in its own field.

    Thanks to this company, you can access and taste traditional Ramadan foods from all over the world. People living abroad think that Ramadan is a special month, and they wonder about traditional Turkish food. Thanks to this service provided by them, we introduce traditional Turkish flavors everywhere.

    Tripe Soup in a Special Jar

    The soup, which is generally made from beef tripe, that is, the animal's stomach, is a very healthy and healing soup. It was only offered quite tasty and healthy for consumption as long as the clean and diligence in this soup were unique to Turkey. Experts have researched the healing soup made by adding garlic, vinegar and lemon in the soup that it is good for many diseases. Ex-pats are living abroad and persons abroad, that this taste of the soup come to Turkey as long as they wondered opportunities should be created. But thanks to Gourmeturca, which introduces Turkish delicacies properly, tripe soup is sent to all over the world in iftar box.

    Specially packaged tripe soup can be sent all over the world in a special jar. Thanks to its special packaging, there is no deterioration or breakage in the jar during the journey. So you can drink tripe soup from all over the world. Thanks to the box's iftar facilities, there is also tripe soup with many foods in the box. Tripe soup, which is in a box of 480 mm, is seen with a special jar worldwide with a fast shipping method.

    Fast Breaking Box Around the World

    Turkish traditional flavor of the original must accept the fact that everyone just produced in Turkey. There are all Turkish foods and beverages on the site, which is specially prepared for expatriates living abroad to reach and consume traditional Turkish flavors at any time. You can have all the food thanks to the site that delivers Turkish delicacies and foods, which are wondered by people living abroad, with the uninterrupted shipping method.

    There are 8 traditional Turkish foods and beverages in the boxes prepared as iftar boxes, so there are food and drinks that you can easily consume at iftar and sahur. Thanks to the delivery of these boxes worldwide, people living abroad can easily consume the indispensable foods of the month of Ramadan during iftar. There are 8 different products in certain weights, from food to drink, from turnip juice to Ramadan pide. These specially packaged products are specially packaged so that no deterioration and decay will occur during the journey. Thus, you can order iftar boxes from all over the world with peace of mind.

    Iftar Package at Gourmeturca

    Gourmeturca, which distributes iftar packages worldwide, delivers traditional Turkish food and beverages to all over the world so that Muslims and foreigners living abroad are not deprived of these delicacies. You can wait for the food in the iftar package to arrive at your door in a short time by examining the site and adding it to the basket according to your budget and your wishes. These specially packaged foods are delivered all over the world without any deterioration and breakage during the journey. You can easily consume dates and Ramadan pitas, which are indispensable in box iftar, everywhere.

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