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Turkish Abur Cubur Box, 70 Pieces

109.90 USD



109.90 USD

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    A very Turkish gift of for every occasion. Abur Cubur is the name given to snacks in Turkish. Inside this box, you'll find all kinds of snacks that are produced only in Turkey. A really delicious mix of sweets, biscuits, wafers, chocolates, crackers, candies and chewing gum in one box now. Happy Snacking!


    The Snack box includes a variety of 70 snacks. Ülker Ikram Biscuits, Ülker Petibör Biscuits, Ülker Creamy Biscuits, Ülker Hazelnut Katkat Biscuits, Ülker çizi, Ülker Çiziviç Salty Biscuits, Ülker Haylaf Biscuits, Ülker Probis Biscuits, Ülker Hanımeller Biscuits, Ülker Çokoprens Biscuits, Ülker Halley Biscuit, Ülker Laviva Chocolate, Ülker Albeni Chocolate, Ülker Caramio Chocolate, Ülker Bitter Wafer, Ülker Wafer, Ülker Strawberry Katkat Biscuits, Ülker Çokonat Chocolate, Ülker Metro Chocolate, Ülker Cocostar Chocolate, Ülker Hobby Chocolate, Ülker Napoliten Chocolate, Ülker Crackers with Sesame, Ülker Çubuk Crackers Ülker Hazelnut flavored Chocolate Bar, Ülker Pistachio flavored Chocolate Bar, Ülker Kekstra Konfeti Cake, Ülker Mint Candy, Ülker Yupo Bonibon, Ülker Chocolate Bar, Ülker Biskrem Biscuits, Eti Cicibebe Biscuits, Eti Burçak Biscuits, Etİ Tutku Biscuits, Etİ Negro Biscuits, Eti Karam Chocolate, Eti Canga Chocolate, Eti Wanted Chocolate, Eti Form Cracker, Eti Hoşbeş Wafer, Eti Pistachio Chocolate Stick, Eti Chocolate Stick, Eti Wanted Chocolate, Eti Pizza Crackers, Eti Fish Shaped Crackers, Eti Spicy Crax Crackers, Eti Cheese flavored Crax Crackers, Eti Banana flavored Popkek, Eti Hazelnut Cacao Topkek, Eti Strawberry Topkek, Eti Cacao flavored Puf, Eti Fruity Puf,Kent Topitop Candy, Kent Missbon Candy, Tipitip Fruity Chewing Gum, Biscolata Chocolate Sticks, Falım Chewing Gum, Nestle Damak Bitter Chocolate Bar, Nestle Damak Chocolate Bar, Ozmo Kornet, Eti Petito Chocolate, Boombastic Chocolate, Eti Benim’o Biscuits, Ülker Oneo Chewing  Gum, Şölen Nutymax Chocolate, Fish shaped Crackers, Tadelle White Wafer, Ülker Dido  Chocolate, Boombastic Chocolate, Ülker Rondo Biscuits.


    FRESH GUARANTEED: We guarantee that your snacks will arrive at least 360 days before their expiry date. Additionally, the earliest expiration date is clearly labeled on the outside of each snack.

    Estimated Delivery Time:

    US & Europe: 1-3 business days

    Middle East-China : 2-5 business days

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