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    Handmade Dolma is a kind of traditional Turkish cuisine and appetizer made by wrapping rice and various spice mixtures on vine leaves. Gourmeturca offers you your favorite Turkish Handmade Dolma with the most practical form. You can put it directly on the plates and serve. In addition, it is an ideal choice especially for those who work hard and who do not have time to cook.

    Dolma is an indispensable taste of Turkey's traditional feast. It is one of the most served foods for special events and holidays. Even so, before these invitations, especially Dolma dishes are made or bought. Handmade Dolma; It is a very demanding meal. For this reason, it is usually sold by people who know how to roll Dolma. It can also be done at home. However, fresh vine leaves are needed for home production. Fresh grape leaves should be collected on time or pickled form should be preferred. The grape leaves in brine; It is the canned vine leaves collected fresh in saltwater. This state is suitable for direct use. The fresh form should also be scalded with salted water.

    In line with all this information we have explained, it is a laborious meal to cook Dolma. For this reason, if you wish, you can buy ready-made Dolma which we have prepared carefully for you. You can order Dolma products at any time at Gourmeturca. There are also ready-made pickled vine leaves for those who want to make their Dolma taste at home. Again, you can order with a click at Gourmeturca.


    Contains vine leaves, rice, onion, pine nuts, currants, parsley, lemon, spices, extra virgin olive oil.

    How Should Choose Vine Leaves to Make Dolma?

    Fresh vine leaves are needed to make dolma. For this reason, it is necessary to choose vine leaves first. It is important that the leaves of the vine to be placed in a rice mixture are soft. Dolma made with hard veined leaves is not soft. Vine leaves are collected at certain times of the year. If you can find it at that time, you can buy fresh vine leaves. However, if you cannot find fresh vine leaves, you can also choose the pickled vine leaves that we offer for sale.

    The pre-cooking process is carried out in the use of fresh vine leaves. The collected vine leaves are washed thoroughly. Then it is boiled in boiling salted water. It is boiled for a few minutes and softened. Then, it is washed with cold water and removed from excess salt. This way, the vine leaves are ready to be wrapped in the dolma vine.

    Pickled vine leaves are ready to use directly. After the grape leaves are collected, they are pickled. Thus, previously collected leaves are kept as fresh as the first day. It is very practical because it is ready to use directly. Those who want to wrap dolma in a practical way at home can buy pickled leaves. You can buy the pickled leaves at the Gourmeturca address with a click

    How to Make Dolma?

    Dolma is a dish unique to Turks. It is a dish made by wrapping rice or bulgur in vine leaves. Dolma is a very popular food in Turkey, is among the troublesome food. For this reason, it is a dish made by people who are often skilled. The answer to the 'how to make dolma' question is actually simple. It is made by wrapping the rice mortar in the leaves after the vine leaves are softened. However, proper wrapping, the ideal softness of the vine leaves, and the production of rice mortar require experience. For this reason, dolma that is usually made by skilled hands is much more delicious.

    You can make this dish, which takes a long time to make and requires experience, at home. However, you can also buy it from outside due to the long process and skill demand. You can buy dolma, which is a Turkish dish, with the jars we have prepared for you. As Gourmeturca, you can buy ready-made dolma foods from our website where we continue to bring Turkish dishes to your table.

    How to Soften Dolma Vine Leaves?

    The vine leaves used in making stuffed must first be boiled. This process is very important. Vine leaves are hard and streaky due to their structure. The feeling of hard and veins due to its structure causes the dolma to be tasteless. For this reason, boiling the vine leaves is the most important stage in making dolma.

    Fresh vine leaves are usually used to make dolma. Fresh vine leaves are collected from the vineyards. In addition to fresh vine leaves, pickled vine leaves can also be used in making dolma. Pickled vine leaves are also sold at our Gourmeturca address for our valued customers.

    In order for fresh grape leaves to be ready for dolma, they must first be washed with plenty of water. The vine leaves washed with plenty of water should be kept in vinegar water. Then some water should be boiled in the pot. A large amount of salt should be added to boiling water. Vine leaves should be thrown into the salted water that starts to boil again. The vine leaves, which are boiled for about 10 minutes, should be washed with cold water. It should then be drained. Thus, fresh vine leaves are ready for making dolma.

    Pickled vine leaves are ready to use directly. The peculiarity of pickled vine leaves is that the boiling process is done in advance. Thus, it can be used directly for making dolma. You can easily find pickled vine leaves, which is a very practical option, on our Gourmeturca website.

    How to Prepare Dolma Filling Ingredient?

    While preparing the dolma filling ingredient, it is very important to clean the rice thoroughly. Because the rice that does not release its starch fully is not cooked well. For this reason, the rice should be cleaned thoroughly before preparing the filling. At the same time, some bulgur is used in dolma. After the bulgur and rice are thoroughly cleaned, their water is drained. While the rice is drained, other ingredients required in the filling should be cooked.

    Onions are diced and cooked with a little oil. Then add some tomato paste. The tomato paste and onions added are roasted together. After the tomato paste and onions are roasted, strained rice and bulgur are added. Then add some water and let it cook. Spice should be added at this stage. It is very important that the cooked filling ingredient mortar rest. The rice that is rested both cooks better and becomes more delicious.

    How to Wrap the Dolma?

    The hardest part of making dolma is wrapping. Wrapping dolma is usually a job that requires experience. For this reason, one should not expect to wrap very well dolma on the first try. After the prepared filling stuff is rested for a while, it should be started to wrap. Before starting to wrap the dolma, the bottom of the pot should be covered with grape leaves in a layer. In this way, the dolma placed on it is cooked both without burning and with the flavor of the vine leaves. The stems of the grape leaves should be plucked from the bottom. Then, a little prepared dolma rice is placed in the middle of the leaf. After the edges are closed, it is wrapped in a pencil or finger shape. The vine leaves will stick on their own as they are already wet. The wrapping process is completed by lining up the pot in order. Thin lemon slices should be placed on top.

    How Should Dolma Be Cooked?

    It is also very important to cook dolma, which is one of the favorite dishes of the Turkish people. For the dolma inside to be cooked and the leaves to soften well, attention should be paid to the cooking time. Water is filled up to the level of the wrapped dolma. A little olive oil is added and left to cook over low heat. When all the water in the pot is finished and the stuffing is cooked, turn down the heat. At this point, it is important that the wraps are not cooked a little and not cooked too much. For this reason, the amount of water added should be controlled.

    How Should Stuffed Be Served?

    Dolma, known as a kind of olive oil dish, is generally consumed cold. However, there are many people who like it when it's warm. Handmade dolma with olive oil, which we prepared for you as Gourmeturca, is sent cold. For this reason, it is recommended to be consumed cold. However, if desired, you can heat the ready-made dolma by putting a very small amount of water in the pan.

    Yogurt is the best accompaniment to dolma. It is usually served with yogurt and lemon. It already has a sour taste due to the addition of lemon during cooking. However, it is okay to drop extra lemon on it. Pouring yogurt next to it or on it will also increase the flavor you get.

    How Should Dolma Be Preserved?

    Dolma leaves, which are all handmade for you, are sent as cooked and ready to eat. Thanks to our express cargo facility, it is an easy-to-keep product that reaches you as quickly as possible. It is recommended to consume the product within 2 days from the day you receive it. However, if you plan to consume it for a longer period of time, you should store it carefully. The best preservation method of any food is to cut off its contact with air. Dolma leaves can also be kept in the refrigerator in the same way. You can fill the dolma leaves that you plan to eat later in a container that will cut off the air contact and store it in the refrigerator. As long as the jar is not opened at all, you can keep it full for 4-5 days on average.


    You can prepare a pleasant dinner by equipping your table with Gourmeturca Turkish Handmade Dolma and other appetizers. You can offer it to your homeparties and birthdays or serve them to children and adults who come for religious holiday. In addition, it is one of the special tastes that can accompany with tea.


    The product should be stored in the refrigerator at +4 degrees before and after opening. It should be consumed within 4 days after opening the package.

    Estimated Delivery Time:

    • US & EU: 1-3 business days
    • Middle East - China : 2-5 business days

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