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+ Şekeroğlu - Express Menengiç Coffee , 8.82oz - 250g
+ Cafe Crown - Latte Caramel Flavored , 0.6oz - 17g 12 pack
+ Kurukahveci Mehmet Efendi - Filter Coffee , 9oz - 250g
+ Kurukahveci Mehmet Efendi - Espresso Coffee , 9oz - 250g
+ Şekeroğlu - Menengi̇ç Coffee , 12.35oz - 350g
+ Kahve Dünyası - Caramel Flavoured Filter Coffee , 9oz - 250g
+ Cafe Crown - Latte Frothy Milk Coffee , 0.6oz - 17g 12 pack
+ Cafe Crown - Action 3 in 1 Coffee , 0.6oz - 18g 12 pack
+ Cafe Crown - 2 in 1 Plain , 0.4oz - 11g 12 pack
+ Ülker - Cafe Crown 3 in 1 Coffee with Hazelnut , 12 pack
+ Ülker - Cafe Crown 3 in 1 Coffee , 12 pack
+ Kahve Dünyası - 3 in 1 Hazelnut Flavoured Coffee , 12 pack
+ Kahve Dünyası - Coffee Gold , 7oz - 200g
+ Kahve Dünyası - Coffee Creamer , 3.5oz - 100g 2 pack
+ Kahve Dünyası - 2 in 1 Mastic Flavoured Coffee Without Sugar , 12 pack

History of Coffee 

Coffee is one of the most fragrant flavors having a universal fame. The history of coffee goes back to the 11th century. The method of the cookery of coffee differs between civilizations by determining the roasting and cooking methods.

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Coffee Varieties

There are many sorts of coffee according to taste and production process. Here are some of the coffee varieties: Turkish Coffee, Filter Coffee, Espresso Coffee, Coffee Beans, Instant Coffee.

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What are the nutritional benefits of Coffee?

The features of coffee are distinguished by the burn smell and the fragrant flavor of it. When you sip the best coffee, it gives you a sensation of refreshment and pleasure. The caffeine amount in coffee gives you a great vitality to support your mental functions. The nutritional value of coffee expedites the metabolism in your body. Coffee has great benefits for human body’s health.

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How is Coffee served?

The service style of coffee differs between different countries. In Turkey, One cup of coffee can be served with one piece of chocolate or Turkish delight. Coffee mostly is served in special days like family and friends gathering days or even the break times during the day.

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