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36 products in this category
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+ Offer Gourmeturca - Sun Dried Apricot , 7.93oz - 225g
40% discount
5.90 USD
9.90 USD
+ Offer Gourmeturca - Dried Fig , 7.93oz - 225g
30% discount
6.90 USD
9.90 USD
+ Gourmeturca - Dried Orange Slices , 1.7oz - 50g
+ Gourmeturca - Dried Mulberries , 7.93oz - 225g
+ Gourmeturca - Black Antep Raisins , 7.93oz - 225g
+ Offer Gourmeturca - Pure Dried Pomelo , 5.3oz - 150g
38% discount
4.90 USD
7.90 USD
+ Gourmeturca - Natural Dried Plum, 7.93oz - 225g
+ Gourmeturca - Dried Apricot , 7.93oz - 225g
+ Anadolu Lezzetleri - Kemaliye Dried Mulberry , 5.3oz - 150g
+ Gourmeturca - Sukkeriye Date , 1.1lb - 500g
+ Offer Gourmeturca - Dried Mixed Fruits , 1.7oz - 50g
34% discount
3.90 USD
5.90 USD
+ Offer Gourmeturca - Dried Silverberry , 7.93oz - 225g
38% discount
4.90 USD
7.90 USD
+ Gourmeturca - Pure Dried Strawberries , 7.93oz - 225g
+ Gourmeturca - Dried Mixed Fruits , 3.5oz - 100g
+ Gourmeturca - Pure Dried Kiwi , 7.93oz - 225g
+ Gourmeturca - Pipless Golden Dried Grapes , 7.93oz - 225g

What are Dried Fruit?

We do choose the best full grown fruit after harvesting them. After that, we dry them under the best hygiene conditions. The quality of dried fruit is apparent from the gorgeous appearance and the color of it.

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Dried Fruit Varieties

There are many sorts of dried fruit according to taste, production type and place. Here are some of the dried varieties: Dried Fig, Mebrum Date, Sukkeriye Date, Medine Date, Pure Dried Strawberries, Pure Dried Banana, Pure Dried Ginger, Pure Dried Melon, Pure Dried Mango, Pure Dried Pineapple, Pure Dried Papaya, Pure Dried Pomelo, Pure Dried Kiwi, Pipless Golden Dried Grapes, Dried Apricot, Sun Dried Apricot, Dried Mulberries, Kemaliye Dried Mulberry.

 Dried Fruit.jpg (257 KB)

What are the nutritional benefits of dried fruit?

The fruit has an aromatic taste. It tempts all palates. It has a very big nutritional value so it is used in diets. It takes the best flavor and aroma when it is full grown on plants.

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How are dried fruit served?

The dried fruit are consumed daily. It can be mixed with water and honey and the dried fruit stew is really preferred in hot days. You can use the dried fruit by cutting them in cubes to decorate salads. They can be used in making dried fruit stew, different kinds of desserts, cookies, and cakes. It can be used as a snack served with coffee.

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