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11 products in this category
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+ Offer Gourmeturca - Black Olives , 13.4oz - 380g
SAVE 20%
9.52 USD
11.90 USD
+ Anadolu Lezzetleri - Hatay Halhali Olives , 10.5oz - 300g
+ Offer Marmarabirlik - Plain Olive Puree , 12oz - 340g
Buy 1 Get 2nd Half Price
8.90 USD
+ Fora - Fora Sliced Black Olives , 5.6oz - 160g
+ Offer Hisarönü - Aegan Olives Salad , 1lb - 450g
SAVE 20%
11.92 USD
14.90 USD
+ Offer Fora - Flavored Olive Paste , 6oz - 175g
SAVE 20%
5.52 USD
6.90 USD
+ Hisarönü - Grill Olives , 1lb - 450g
+ Fora - Fora Sliced Green Olives , 5.6oz - 160g
+ Offer Fora - Cracked Green Olives , 400g - 14oz
SAVE 15%
8.42 USD
9.90 USD
+ Offer Gourmeturca - Green Olives , 13.4oz - 380g
SAVE 30%
10.43 USD
14.90 USD
+ Fora - Gemlik Natural Brine Black Olive , 17.63oz - 500g

History of Olive

Planting olives goes back to 6000 years ago in Anatolia. The olives culture started in Anatolia and spread over the world from this region. Nowadays, Turkey is considered as one of the biggest countries producing olives to the world.

 Olives.jpg (261 KB)

Olive Varieties

There are many sorts of olives according to taste, production type and color. Here are some of the olives varieties: Black Olives, Cracked Green Olives, Hatay Halhali Olives, Hatay Avcarlı Halhali Olives.

 Olives-2.jpg (221 KB)

How is olive made?

In the olives harvest season, the harvesting process is made manually in November and December. Then, the best quality olives are chosen and rinsed with water. After that, we salt the olives and flavor them with rock salt, pepper, lemon, and olives oil. We do change the liquid of olives once on each two days, in order to give the flavor to the olives.

 Olive-3.jpg (197 KB)

What are the nutritional benefits of olive?

Olives are one of the most favorite fruits in the world, which makes you never stop eating it thanks to its delicious taste. Besides olives are very beneficial for health and have so many uses. Olives are very rich in the nutritional values so it provides you with huge physical energy.

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