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How do you preserve the freshness of the products during delivery?
You will be surprised at the freshness of the products. All the products will be supplied after you place your order. We do not send you any stored products. We keep the freshness of the products by packaging them in a very secure way. We guarantee that you will receive them super freshly.

When will my order be shipped?

Orders to USA, Canada, Europe, Japan, China, Australia:

Orders placed between Sundays 21:00 (GMT+3) - Mondays 21:00 (GMT+3) are shipped on Tuesdays.

Orders Placed between Mondays 21:00 (GMT+3) - Tuesdays 21:00 (GMT+3) are shipped on Wednesdays.

Orders placed between Tuesdays 21:00 (GMT+3) - Thursdays 21:00 (GMT+3) are shipped on Saturdays.

Orders placed between Thursdays 21:00 (GMT+3) - Sundays 21:00 (GMT+3) are shipped on Mondays.

Order to the Middle East Countries:

Orders Placed between Sundays 21:00 (GMT+3) - Thursdays 21:00 (GMT+3) are shipped on Fridays.

Orders placed between Thursdays 21:00 (GMT43) - Sundays 21:00 (GMT+3) are shipped on Mondays.

How are the products packaged?

The products are packed securely by special packaging materials used by a super professional team specialised in packaging products and thus the products will not be damaged during the delivery process.

What should I do if I notice damaged products after taking the delivery?

We do package the products in a very special way to not get them damaged in any way. But if your order gets broken due to the shipping, please take a statement down about the courier, take photos and share them with us. You can send an email to the support team to or just message us on WhatsApp +90 531 819 0048.

How can I pay?

You can pay by using Visa, MasterCard, or PayPal. Besides there is Cash on Delivery option in Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, and Qatar. The number of the states we offer Cash on Delivery option is still going up. Stay tuned.

Do you offer Cash on Delivery?

Yes. It is valid in Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, and Qatar for now. It is valid for the orders worth $200-. We do send the products after taking the confirmation of the customers by phone. Your order will be cancelled if we do not get the confirmation within 3 days.

What is the estimated delivery time just after giving the orders to the shipping company?

The estimated delivery time is 2-4 Business Days in all countries, as long as no problem occurs at customs.

How much does the shipping cost?

Our shipping cost differs depending on the product you are willing to buy. 

What is the customs tax? Why do I pay them?

The customs taxes and fees differ between countries, according to each one’s policies. You might be requested to pay customs taxes and duties when the delivery arrives.

Can my order get stuck at customs?

The customs procedures differ between the countries we deliver to. Our team has the knowledge of each country’s customs procedures. The orders of USA and Canada definitely don't get stuck at customs.

How do you secure your website GOURMETURCA.COM?

All the precautions are taken to protect your information sent to our website In addition, our website provides security by 256-bit SSL certificate and we do not share any of our customers’ information with a third party.

How do I confirm my order?

You will be notified when you finish ordering. We will send you an email about the confirmation of your order automatically. Also you can go to your account information on our website to my orders to view your orders information. After completing your order our professional team will prepare it carefully to deliver it to you.

How can I be a member on the website?

It is very easy and quick. You can be a member in just one click.

Can I order without being a member on the website?

Of course. You can shop without being a member. We will be waiting for your orders.

What should I do if I forget my password?

It is very easy to change your password. Click here to input your E-mail and change your password. And we will send you a link to your e-mail address to continue ordering.

Can I change my delivery address?

You can change your delivery address before we ship your order by sending us an email to or message us on WhatsApp +90 531 819 0048. But if your order is already shipped, unfortunately you cannot change your address.

What is the minimum purchase amount to get a refund of out-of-stock items?

In a case of some product being out of stock, you can get a refund when the price of it is more than $50.

Can I cancel my order?

Yes, you can cancel it within 2 hours after placing your order by sending us an email to The orders cannot be canceled after 2 hours of placing it.

Do the campaigns combine with each other?

Unfortunately, the campaigns on do not combine with each other.

It is very important for us that you do shop with satisfaction and comfort. If you have any question, suggestion, recommendation, or complaint, please do not hesitate to tell us. Your recommendations are really of great value. We do work and will keep working to offer you the best service.

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