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+ Gourmeturca - Natural Honeycomb , 1.1lb - 400g
+ Gourmeturca - Wildflower Honey , 1lb - 450g
+ Balparmak - Lavender Honey , 1lb - 460g
+ Balparmak - Blossom Honey From Kayseri , 1lb - 460g
+ Balparmak - Blossom Honey From Şemdinli , 1lb - 460g
+ Offer Balparmak - Linden Honey , 1lb - 460g
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+ Balparmak - Chestnut Honey , 1lb - 460g
+ Balparmak - Citrus Honey , 1lb - 460g
+ Beeo - Carob, Propolis and Crude Honey Mix , 6.7oz - 190g
+ Boost Your Energy Beeo - Pollen Propolis , 5.3oz - 150g
+ Balparmak - Thyme Honey , 1lb - 460g
+ Balparmak - Plateau Blossom Honey , 8oz - 225g
+ Anavarza - Cream Honey , 7oz - 200g
+ Balparmak - Pine Forest Honey , 12oz - 350g
+ Beeo - Water Soluble Drop , 0.6floz - 20ml

History of Honey 

The historical origin of the honey goes back to the history of humanity. Although it is unknown who made it but the fact that bees exist and work for more than 30 million years. Throughout history, honey was a nutritional source for humanity and considered very significant and sacred by all religions. And today honey is still one of the inseparable parts of our cuisine.

Honey Varieties

There are many sorts of honey according to taste, production type and place. Here are some of the honey varieties: Wildflower Honey, Natural Honeycomb, Natural Karakovan Honeycomb, Natural Bitlis Honeycomb, Natural Siirt Pervari Honeycomb

How is honey made?

Bees collect the essential oils and nectars of the most beautiful flowers. Then, they enter the wooden beehive made especially for them, shape the honeycomb and store the honey inside it. At first, the honey contains lots of water. So the bees flutter their wings over the cells of the honeycomb to make the water evaporates, after that they cover the honeycomb by beeswax. At this stage, we can take the honeycomb and start with the honey harvest process. The harvest is generally made in the mornings. Most beekeepers change the location of the beehive to enrich the honey in all aspects.

What are the nutritional benefits of honey?

Honey is produced according to the principals of the ministry of agriculture and forestry. Honey can be extracted from the honeycomb or consumed together. The nutritional quality of honey is high. It is a favorite honey for its naturalness and pureness.

How is honey served?

The Turkish cuisine has its own culture. Honey is an integral flavor at breakfast. Honey also makes an excellent accompaniment to butter at breakfast.

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