Traditional Drinks

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13 products in this category
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13 products in this category
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+ Zamzam - Zamzam, 8.45floz - 250ml
+ Berrak - Pickle Juice , 8.45floz - 250ml
+ Doğanay - Hot Turnip Juice , 10.15floz - 300ml
+ Offer Hafız Mustafa - Pomegranate Tea , 2.6oz - 75g
31% discount
8.90 USD
12.90 USD
+ Zaferan - Traditional Ottoman Sherbet , 1.05oz - 30g
+ Zaferan - Traditional Seljuk Sherbet , 1.05oz - 30g
+ Rıfat Minare - Sultan Sherbet , 8.45floz - 250ml
+ Doğanay - Turnip Juice , 10.15floz - 300ml
+ Zaferan - Traditional Göktürk Sherbet , 1.05oz - 30g
+ Rıfat Minare - Tamarind Sherbet , 8.45floz - 250ml
+ Vefa - Vefa Turkish Boza , 33.81floz - 1000ml
+ Offer Dr.Oetker - Banana Milkshake Mix, 0.88oz - 25g 3 pack
34% discount
1.90 USD
2.90 USD
+ 1 left in stock Naren - Natural Squeezed Orange Juice, 8.45floz - 250ml

Traditional Drinks

Lots of traditional drinks indigenous to the Turkish and middle eastern culture are now available in one category. We offer you a plenty of unique flavors, sweet and sour drinks for more tasty meals. Add color and flavor for more delicious meals. Each drink and sherbet has a significant historical value in the Turkish cuisine culture. They make an excellent accompaniment to so many different snacks and dishes.

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Drinks Varieties

There are many sorts of traditional drinks and sherbet according to other flavors added to it. Here are some of the drink varieties: Hot Turnip Juice, Turnip Juice, Sugar Free Unfermented Grape Juice, Anti-ox Pomegranate - Pear Ice Tea, Detox Pear - Mint Ice Green Tea, Quince - Ginger Ice Tea, Apple - Cinnamon Ice Tea, Zamzam, Sultan Sherbet, Tamarind Sherbet, Instant Palace Sherbet, Natural Tomato Juice, Mandarin Compote, Natural Tomato Juice, Natural Pomegranate Juice, Hot Pickle Juice, Pickle Juice, Rose Sherbet Concentrate, Blackberry Sherbet, Unfermented Grape Juice, Natural Cherry Juice, Traditional Seljuk Sherbet, Traditional Ottoman Sherbet, Traditional Göktürk Sherbet, Vefa Turkish Boza

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