Nutarel Date Honey - 500 Gr of 100% Dates


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  • NUTAREL Date Honey - Date Honey (Date Honey), which is produced from 100% Date and 500 Gr Date Extract, is especially ideal for those who are allergic to Bee Honey and Pollen and cannot consume bee honey in their life. In addition, it is a delicious and alternative food source that can be easily consumed by children under 12 months. Nutarel Date Honey, which is obtained from date extract, can be easily used by diabetics and dieters as it contains very low sucrose. Especially those who have type 2 diabetes can easily consume Date Honey. Consume it healthily in all recipes that use/require Bee honey for breakfast! Different from Date Juice, different brewing and filtering methods were applied during the production stages. A consistency similar to Bee Honey was obtained in terms of density, color and taste. It has the feature of BAL obtained from the first and only Date Extract in the world. Despite numerous studies in this field, no product has been as successful as NUTAREL DATE HONEY. It attracts great attention in the SUPPLEMENT NUTRITION and DIABETIC departments, especially in European countries. Areas of Use: Anti-Allergic: Those who are allergic to bee honey or pollen. Alternative: Children under 12 months who are undesirable to consume Bee Honey. Desserts: All products using sugar. Baklava, Cake, Biscuit etc. Breakfast: It can be used in all areas where Bee Honey is used/required.
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