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  • EYORGANIK Organic Soup Cereal Mixture Anadolu Vega 500gr The seller determines the sale price of the product you have examined. Contents: Organic Mung BeansOrganic Yellow LentilsOrganic Green LentilsOrganic RiceREGION: ANATOLIAN REGION ATTENTION!!!: Organic products should be stored in a cool refrigerator environment as they do not contain any preservatives or additives. Recipe: Cold-Ayran Vaccine Soup Boil the grain mixture that you had soaked in water the day before in plenty of water. Then rinse in cold water and strain. When your ready mix has cooled down in the refrigerator, add 3-4 spoons of the ready-made soup cereal mix to one muscle yogurt. Add mint and olive oil on top. Your mix with a few cubes of ice is ready. Salad Dressing 4 Tablespoons Tahini 1/4 Tea Glass Olive Oil 1/2 Lemon JuiceSalt Mix all the ingredients and make a sauce. Mix this sauce with the cereal mixture in the cupboard. Pour the sauce over the arugula and purslane salad on the serving plate. Bon Appetit Multi-Purpose Uses: You can store this cereal mixture for 4 days under refrigerator conditions. During this time, you can sprinkle it next to or on top of the salads you make. It also goes well with any grilled meat, chicken, fish or turkey. In addition, you can make lentil soup with increased nutritional value for your children or use it instead of noodle in noodle-chicken soup ATTENTION!!!: All the products in the mixture are "cooked simultaneously". We are realizing our passion of ''LOCAL SEED-ORGANIC'' with ''''. While we produce ''LOCAL SEED-ORGANIC'' or produce with producers who produce ''LOCAL SEED-ORGANIC'', we actually make our customers a partner and witness to this passion... Anatolia is the gene center of pulses and grains. The region we call Mesopotamia is the place where lentils and chickpeas were first grown and spread to the world. For this reason, the quality, taste and taste of pulses grown in Turkey are different, which is why they are preferred all over the world. We carry out the production with local seeds according to the region. Moreover, some of our products are ''ENDEMIC'' species, ancestral seeds... If you want to germinate each of our legumes and grain products so organic and lively, you can even do this with our seeds. You can easily sprout and use it in your meals and salads. When you first receive the product in your hands, you can immediately tell by the "region" on the label. When you open the package, you can observe and taste the aroma in the package, and then the taste difference when you cook it. WHAT IS ORGANIC AGRICULTURE? It is a nature-friendly, environmentally-friendly, sustainable agricultural production method that is made without polluting the air, water and soil, with agricultural techniques that will minimize erosion, salinization of the soil, and the negative effects of diseases and pests manually or mechanically, without using additionally non-GMO seeds in Turkey. ''organic farming''. It has less carbon footprint. Producing local seeds is our passion.
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