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Copper Frying Pan , 8.5inch - 22cm

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    The feature that makes copper pans a very important element of all world cuisines is their excellent heat conductivity. Since the bottom and walls of the Gourmeturca Copper Frying Pan, which is 20 times more conductive than stainless steel, heat up at the same time, your food is cooked evenly and slowly. Another feature that makes copper pans healthy is that they are anti-bacterial because microbes and bacteria cannot live on copper. Copper is toxic to these microorganisms.

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    In our copper pans collection, quality and health come together with the pleasure of your home decor and presentation of your table. You can use your copper pans, which will directly attract the attention of your friends with their craftsmanship, with your crystals and silverware for your guests.


    It is perfectly normal for your copper to change color as it gets hot, and it will never harm your food. A soft metal, copper is susceptible to scratches. It is recommended to store your copper products in a dry environment when not in use. After washing, rinse thoroughly and do not leave water drops if you do not want any stain on it. You can polish your copper with copper polish. Alternatively, you can wipe your copper pots with a traditional method, soft sponge dipped in lemon juice and salt water. Never wipe your tinned copper with a hard sponge. Can’t be put in a dishwasher.


    Material: Copper

    Diameter: 22 cm

    Depth: 4 cm

    Weight: 700 grams

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