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    Simit is generally defined as Turkish Bagel and cooked in a stone oven. Bagels also tend to be brittle on the outer surface and provide a delicious contrast to the soft inner texture.


    Contains molasses pekmez, wheat, salt and sesame.


    You can have it for breakfast, tea time or in the office for dinner. You can store the bagels in the freezer for a long time and after 15 minutes, you can heat them in the oven or toast and experience the taste of fresh bagels.


    It can contain trace amounts of eggs, soy products, milk and products, walnuts, hazelnuts, pistachios. This product is manufactured on equipment that processes products containing eggs.

    Turkish Simit

    The history of Turkish simit goes back 600 years. Its adventure in the Ottoman Empire dates back to the 14th century, simit was on the tables of sultans and became indispensable for palace kitchens. The differences in the color and taste of simit are due to different production techniques from city to city. They are also known by different names as the base ring, ceiling ring, and cauldron ring, depending on their production. While the ground simit is put into the oven with a shovel-like bread, the pan simits are made in a pan.
    Simits with less sesame and shiny looks are cauldron simits. Turkish simit goes through a process called molasses. While this process is done cold in Istanbul simits, it can be done hot in places such as Ankara, Bursa, and Izmir. Hot molasses is obtained by boiling the molasses and water at the same rate and cooking the ring-shaped dough in this mixture.

    Turkish Simit from Gourmeturca

    In addition to expats, foreigners can also wonder about Turkish simit. Although we see simit in some European countries, none of them are like Turkish simit. Simits, which have been loved and consumed from Ottoman times until today, are also known as sesame kebabs and gevrek, according to the regions. This food, which is a snack, is consumed a lot in Bursa, too.
    Thanks to Gourmeturca, orders from Europe will be delivered to your home in a few days. You can make a secure shopping on the site for your orders sent by express cargo. You can examine the flavors you miss the most or wonder about on the site. Turkish simit, which you can buy as a package, can be included in your stocks.

    Turkish Simit Taste with Gourmeturca

    The wheel is only one of many foods that are unique to Turkey, freshly produced and consumed too much; we can say one snack. Sesame rings, which are preferred both for breakfasts and for afternoon tea, are crispy food eaten by those who do not have time to prepare breakfast on their way to work. An indispensable part of Turkish people with its fried sesame seeds and fresh scent, simit is also widely preferred abroad. However, Turkish simit cannot be found everywhere.
    You can easily consume the simits that we send freshly as Gourmeturca. Your orders sent by express cargo can take their place on your tables as soon as possible. If you are craving simit, you can visit the Gourmeturca site and get the opportunity to taste many other Turkish delicacies besides simit.

    Crispy Turkish Simit

    Turkish simit is also known as gevrek in the Izmir region. The dough of İzmir simit is prepared with chickpea yeast and differs from other simits because it does not contain milk. Simit is made by mixing water, oil, salt, and chickpea yeast and kneading it with flour. Ring-shaped cereals are thrown into boiling molasses and cooked and became more crunchy due to two processes. That's why, in the Izmir region, simit is known as crispy. Simits are softer than cereal. Molasses is a method that has been used in the last 20 years and enhances the taste of the simit.

    Turkish Simit Delivery

    At Gourmeturca, we bring you many Turkish flavors. From baklava to pastries, we bring the delicacies that you cannot find abroad to your tables with express cargo. One of these is the ring-shaped sesame dough that we call Turkish simit. The simit, which is consumed frequently by the Turks, has a Turkish production. Enchanting people with its taste and smell, simit is a food that is mentioned a lot and is obtained by going through different processes according to the regions.
    You can get help from the Gourmeturca website to enjoy the taste of Turkish simit, and you can immediately make a place in your tables. You can consume the freshly sent simits with tea at breakfast and easily reach this flavor that will remain in your palate.

    Gourmeturca Turkish Simidi Taste

    Turkish simit, which you can have with Gourmeturca, is a food that is loved by foreigners as well as Turks living abroad. Tourists cannot get enough of its taste when coming to Turkey. That's why we deliver delicious Turkish delicacies to every part of Europe in order not to deprive them of this taste. We do not make you forget the Turkish delicacies by sending all the Turkish delicacies you order on the site within a few days. You can order the simits, which you can buy individually or as a package, with easy payment options, and have your tea at your breakfast tables. You will say that the simit is fresh and crispy while the sesame is poured into your mouth.

    Buy Turkish Simit from Gourmeturca

    Your orders sent to you via express cargo are transported safely. It reaches you as soon as possible wherever you are in Europe. Turkish simit also takes the lead among orders from Europe. It is one of the tastes that expats long for and cannot be enjoyed by foreigners who eat it. You can put an end to this longing by ordering the simit consumed as a snack on the site. Foreign heard so much about the name of the wheel that is done in the most beautiful Turkey.
    We deliver simit varieties that we supply from reliable places that carefully prepare for you from all regions. Many Turkish delicacies are at hand with Gourmeturca. You can order the flavors you miss online and have them come to your door immediately. If you also crave Turkish simit, you can get this flavor with Gourmeturca and consume the freshest crispy simits with tea for breakfast.

    Simit Types

    With Gourmeturca, you can reach many Turkish delicacies as well as reach and order simit very easily. Delivered freshly to all parts of Europe in a short time with express cargo, simit is a taste that foreigners fall in love with as they eat. As their sizes differ, their flavors can also be different.
    Simits, which can be made with molasses, are also made without sesame seeds. Although simit comes to mind directly with sesame, it is famous in regions such as Trabzon, Rize, and Kastamonu, and they are generally sesame-free and are called bald simits. These simits, which are harder and whiter than normal simits, are also popularly eaten in the Black Sea region. It is possible to reach these flavors that you long for with Gourmeturca.

    Simit Recipes

    Although simit recipes vary from region to region, they are prepared in different ways according to demand. Both the patisserie type and homemade simits reflect Turkish culture and taste, no matter how they are made. With Gourmeturca, you can find Turkish simit, one of the unforgettable tastes of the Turks, wherever you are in Europe. Simit, one of the Turkish delicacies longing for the expats most, is eaten with tea as well as with yogurt.
    Each version of the Turkish simit is individually very popular. Turkish people cannot do without simit for breakfast. In order not to be deprived of these simits abroad, Gourmeturca brings these flavors to your feet. Simits sent by express cargo are also made with molasses. Ring-shaped doughs immersed in molasses mixture mixed with water become simits by pouring sesame on them.

    Simits by Region

    Simit, which is produced in different ways according to the regions, has been one of the most popular tastes of the Turks for years. Simits is also called Istanbul simit, Eskişehir simit, Kastamonu simit, Rize simit, and Bursa simit according to the regions. The Turkish simits, which we come across mostly in Istanbul, leave their scent to the streets. Simits produced in Anatolia are generally produced without sesame seeds and in a harder form than normal, resulting in different flavors.
    Simits, which are also called gevrek in Izmir, are thrown into the oven after the molasses process and passed through 2 processes. In this way, it is known as crunchy because it is more crunchy. The simits, which were formerly the size of a car wheel, are now made in smaller sizes. Thanks to the simit, which has survived until today without compromising its taste, the Turkish simit culture is also preserved.

    Simit and Gourmeturca

    With Gourmeturca, the freshest simits are delivered to your homes. Thanks to express cargo, your orders, which reach your feet within a few days, are transported safely. You have many options for online payment orders. You can find other Turkish delicacies besides simit. The ravioli stuffed grape leaves, baklava on Turkish bread from here you will find many delicacies unique to Turkey.
    Simits made from sugar, milk, and oily yeast dough are made in the form of rings and made ready by sesame seeds. The Izmir simit, which we call Gevrek, is a type of simit made with chickpea yeast and does not contain milk or sugar. These are also in the form of rings and are obtained by throwing into the boiling molasses mixture and cooking for 10 minutes.
    It is baked with sesame seeds and has a very crispy texture. In order not to be deprived of this taste, Gourmeturca delivers your favorite flavors. You can also get service for the thicker and softer simits.

    Simits and Breakfast

    Simit consumed at breakfast is a savior food that is eaten as a snack, and while having a quick breakfast. Fresh and hot simits eaten with tea in patisseries are of the kind that stimulates everyone's appetite and have an unforgettable taste. When you cannot find Turkish simits abroad, we can carry these flavors to your door with Gourmeturca. Transported by express cargo, the simits are delivered to you freshly and take their place on your tables.
    Soft and appetizing simits with toasted sesame seeds are dishes cooked in the oven and served hot. We deliver fresh simits to your kitchen as soon as possible. You can consume the simits that you can buy in packs for a long time. In addition, you can end your longing by ordering different Turkish flavors.

    Unique Taste of Gourmeturca Simit

    Simit is delivered to expatriates with Gourmeturca. Your orders, which are sent in the fastest way, are transported safely and brought to your door. You can order the delicacies you miss on the site and take advantage of online payment methods. Simitler is indispensable for the tables and also helps families with low income. It is now very easy and accessible to reach simit, which reflects Turkish culture in every way and is an indispensable food for every Turkish citizen.

    What is Simit?

    When asked what simit is, the first thing that comes to mind is a sesame ring shape. Simits are produced in different sizes and in different shapes according to the regions. If we look at the history of simit, we can say that it took the name simit in time while it was mentioned as semid in ancient sources. Simit, also known as samid, is a word of Arabic origin and means fine bulgur and semolina. In the Akkadian language, it is derived from the word samidu, which means to grind.
    Having a story that dates back to the Ottoman period, simit was also known as simid-i ring, sesame kebab, and gevrek at that time. The warehouses where the flours are kept in sacks in the palaces are called simithane, and the bakeries used here were also known as the Sultan's bakery. A ring-shaped bread was made in the Sultan's bakery in Üsküdar, and this was accepted as the first simit.

    What is Simit and How is its Shape

    In the past, as Evliya Çelebi said, simits were produced as big as car wheels. This discourse is mentioned in his book Seyahatname, and he also says in the same work that 300 simit sellers in Istanbul produce simits five times a day using 70 bakeries. In the past, when it was said what simit was, it came to mind that it was a very valuable food, it was sent to the soldiers on guard, and it was taken as a gift at iftar tables.
    The answer to the question of what the simit is and how is it changed because the shape of the simit has shrunk over time because the flour used to make simits has a high price. After the second half of the 17th century, it was started to be called simit instead of a ring, and its present size and shape were formed. Simitçiler founded the Association of Simit, Bread, and Filled Pastry in 1910, and thus, simit making became official.

    What is simit, and How is it Made?

    Simits fans say that old simits don't have a taste. Simits are food that is cooked in stone ovens and wood fire and produced in many different ways. Many factors, such as the fermentation time and the quality of the materials used, affect the taste of the simit. As an answer to the question of what simit is, we can say that it is indispensable for breakfast and five teas. Simits are made by sprinkling the ring-shaped dough into the oven with sesame seeds. We deliver this soft and beautiful flavor to you as Gourmeturca. We send fresh simits, which you can consume at breakfast, to many parts of the world by express air cargo.

    What is Gourmeturca Simit?

    With Gourmeturca, you can get the answer to the question of what is simit in a very short time. You can eat the best simits by ordering on the site. In each wheel separately with the beautiful region are produced in 8 different varieties in Turkey. These are Istanbul simit, Osmaniye simit, İzmir cereal, Ankara simit, Nevşehir simit, Kastamonu simit, Trabzon simit, and Eskişehir simit. There are sesame-free simits, which we call bald simits, as well as sesame and molasses.

    What is Istanbul Simit?

    The first thing that comes to mind when talking about simit is Istanbul simit. It is among the most consumed simits, and its dough is obtained from flour, water, salt, and yeast. These simits, which are in the form of a ring, are dipped in molasses and watered, then smeared with sesame and put into a stone oven. You can smell the crispy delicious Turkish simit in the streets of Istanbul. You can smell this delicious flavor with Gourmeturca. Your orders will reach you within a few days by express air cargo. The world's simits are instead sent many, by providing the highest quality produced in places in Turkey and made ready to be sent to you. It is transported safely and takes its place at your table as quickly as possible.

    What is Simit? How is it consumed?

    If the question of what simit is asked in Europe, Gourmeturca answers it. The fresh and crispy simits are taken from the best quality places for you and delivered to your door. You can buy the best Turkish dishes and snacks through Gourmeturca. You can reach the homeland flavors you longed for or the foods you want to taste on the site and order immediately. The address you can apply to eat simit, which is usually consumed with cheese and tea for breakfast, with jam is also certain. We buy the simits produced in modern ovens and simit houses for you and make them ready.
    The answer to the question of what simit is frequently consumed in the Middle East and the Balkans is seen as an indispensable taste, although it varies according to the cultures. Europe can be found in many parts of the wheelhouses but can not find it anywhere expatriates enjoy the Turkey wheel. Those who miss the smell of sesame in the streets of Istanbul and the crispness of freshly baked simits can put an end to their longing for Gourmeturca.

    What is Crispy Simit?

    When you think of crispy simit, Izmir comes to mind first. Turkish simit is called gevrek in Izmir, and this type is similar to Ankara simit. It is obtained by pouring it into a crispy, boiling mixture separated from other simits by molasses. It is made ready by being sesame and baked. We also enable you to taste this beautiful flavor. The simit that comes out of the oven in a crispy form is therefore called this name. You can order the simits, which you can smell from afar, through Gourmeturca. Your orders, which we send using express cargo, are delivered to you within a few days.
    When you say what simit is, bald ones come to mind. We usually see them in cities in the Black Sea region, such as Kastamonu and Rize. This is the reason why simits made without sesame are called bald. Thin and hard simits passed from the Russians to the Black Sea and were known as kerkeli or bald simits among the people. You can order any kind of simit you want from Gourmeturca.

    Simit Recipes

    The simit recipes, which are still being made with the methods used centuries ago, differ from region to region. Simits, which ranked first among products in inflation evaluations and produced in many bakeries, are one of the most beautiful flavors identified with Turks. The ring-shaped dough, also known as cauldron simit, is obtained by keeping it in molasses according to different regions.

    Nutritious and filling simits are one of the fast-food recipes and are often consumed as a snack. Simits obtained from quality flour, local sesame, and fig molasses are produced in different varieties in many cities, especially in Istanbul. These are often referred to by the names of the cities. Examples of these are Istanbul simit, Bursa simit, Eskişehir simit,
    We can give examples of simit recipes such as Rize simidi and Kastamonu simit. Rather than their names, their flavors are also different because of their different appearance and the way they are made. Although it is usually made with sesame seeds, Rize simit is different from other types. These are made without sesame seeds and passed from the Russians to the Black Sea. They are also called bald simits because they are made without sesame seeds. We supply the most beautiful simits from different regions for you and deliver them to your door. Thanks to express shipping, we can send orders to anywhere in Europe within a few days.

    What Are Simit Recipes?

    Simit recipes can be in different types, such as plain, homemade, and molasses. Simits, which you will prefer according to your taste, have different recipes according to the regions. For example, the Turkish simit, also called gevrek in Izmir, goes through two different processes when molasses is made and given to the oven. These actions make the torus more crunchy. Similarly, we can give an example of different recipes for making it without sesame seeds in the Black Sea. Simits, which are beautiful in every kind, can take their place on your freshly fresh tables.

    Crispy Simit Recipes

    Simit recipes are indispensable tastes of Turks. The simits made by putting the ring dough in molasses to the oven are generally known as crispy, and we come across as Izmir, where it is most famous. As we deliver all the flavors you miss, we send the crisps to your home a few days after your order with express cargo.
    Gourmeturca is at your side with many simit recipes that you yearn for, from patisserie-made simits to homemade simits, from sesame-free simits to molasses simits. You can buy simit, one of the Turkish delicacies that you can order online with easy payment options, in packages and consume it for a long time. We provide you the highest quality service by supplying the crispy and freshly sent simits from the most meticulously producing places.

    Simit Recipes with Gourmeturca

    You can find the simits prepared with delicious simit recipes on Gourmeturca, and you can easily access many more flavors you miss on the site. The Turkish delicacies that come to you without leaving your home are sent to you in the freshest and fastest way. Thanks to express shipping, you can easily eat the simits that reach you only a few days after your order.
    Simits, whose sesame is poured from the crispy and fresh scent, are supplied from the highest quality places and transported in accordance with hygiene conditions. As Gourmeturca, we respond to the demands of foreigners who are passionate about Turkish delicacies as well as expatriates abroad. Gourmeturca, which is one of the best quality sites where you can get service for the best tastes, brings many conveniences with it.

    Turkish Simit Recipes

    Simits are synonymous with the country going from Turkey. It is consumed too much in places like Bulgaria and Greece to the wheel, the homeland of Turkey. It is a food that has survived to the present day with different types of simit recipes since Ottoman times and still preserves its originality. Turkish simit consumed as a snack is indispensable for the tables. It is one of the leading street delicacies, and recently the Oxford Dictionary included simit in the dictionary. Turkish flavor comes to your door with Gourmeturca.

    Simit Recipes Differences

    Simit recipes are applied in different ways depending on the region and on-demand. Istanbul's simit and Kastamonu simit are not the same. Some are made without sesame and harder, while some are made with soft and plenty of sesame seeds. You can order whichever simit you want according to your taste, via Gourmeturca. The simits you can buy with easy payment options are delivered to you in a short time with express cargo.
    In the process we call molasses, the ring-shaped dough thrown into the molasses mixture is then put into the oven by sprinkling sesame on it. Stone ovens are generally used, and a unique flavor emerges. They usually use it in Izmir, and this is the difference between the simit, which we call gevrek, from the others.

    Gourmeturca Simit Flavor

    You can order your simits in bulk on Gourmeturca and stock up on your simits that you can consume for a long time. Simits made with the most beautiful simit recipes we send all over Europe are brought to you freshly. All you have to do is to put in tea and slice your simits. The only thing you can do to enjoy the different flavors underlying its unique appearance and not to be deprived of this flavor is to order. Packages that we have carefully prepared for you are transported safely to your door. You can reach many Turkish delicacies with Gourmeturca.

    How Did Simit Recipes Appear?

    Simit making and simit recipes showed themselves among the people and continued in the palace. He also distributed simit in the iftar of the sultans during Ramadan. Besides, Turkish simit was given to the soldiers as a gift. The simits stretching from Istanbul, Bursa, and Anatolia to the Balkans started to be used as a ring-i simit. New simit recipes have emerged with many special cooking techniques from street vendors to bakeries, and competition between bakeries has emerged.
    We supply the freshest simits for you by choosing the most successful bakeries among this competition that continues today. Thanks to the simits sent to your door by express cargo planes, you will not be deprived of Turkish simits, the most popular Turkish delicacies.

    Turkish Delicacies and Simit Recipes

    Turkish flavors are indispensable tastes of many expatriates and foreigners. Much special taste of the pastry baklava is only available in Turkey. For this reason, Gourmeturca serves people in Europe who long for these delicacies. You can visit the site for the best fresh simits and order immediately. You can receive your orders without waiting and immediately reserve a place for your simits on your tables. The most beautiful Turkish simit varieties, from molasses to sesame-free ones, come to your door with a single click.

    How To Make Simit Recipes?

    Simit recipes are made with the help of large shovels thrown into the stone oven while the bread is being made, and cauldrons are used for simits with little sesame and shiny appearance. These are also called cauldron rings. Simits, which take different names according to the way they are made, are also called pan Turkish simits if they are made in a pan.
    Ring dough that is mixed with water and added to pekmez is made ready by drenching sesame. Thanks to this method, differentiated flavors are revealed, and simits that will appeal to every taste are produced. In particular, emerging from Istanbul simits, pretzels and Istanbul are referred to as the flavor spread everywhere from Turkey. The simit vendors you can see in every street sell simits made with different simit recipes. Another region that consumes the Turkish simit the most is Izmir.
    The simits that are crispy here have become identified with it and become very popular and eaten. In addition, Trabzon simits also appear as sesame-free simits called bald simits. You can use the Gourmeturca site if you want to enjoy the taste of simit, which you can find any kind of bag you want. It is very easy to reach the Turkish delicacies you miss the most by ordering.

    Turkish Simit Recipes with Gourmeturca

    Turkish simit recipes are foods made with unique methods and taken from large stone ovens. Especially the simits, which are widely consumed by students who want to have a quick breakfast, have become synonymous with triangular cheeses and become a popular duo. In order not to be deprived of this culture, you can get the most crispy simits with Gourmeturca. Crispy simits sent by express cargo are sent to all parts of Europe in the fastest way. Simits, which are addictive with their filling properties, weigh 50 grams, and are usually 350 calories.

    The Best Turkish Simit Recipes

    There are many different Turkish simit recipes, from bakeries to homemade ones. The indispensable simits of Turkish breakfasts, which are produced with ingredients and flours that add a different flavor to them, also serve as an embassy for the promotion of our country. The Turkish simits are delivered to you with their fresh scent. No matter where you are in Europe with Gourmeturca, there are simits among the flavors that you can easily reach with a single order. The Turkish simits made with the most beautiful Turkish simit recipes are left to enjoy.

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