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Pure Dried Pineapple , 12oz - 350g

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    What is the dried pineapple?


    Pineapple plant which belongs to the bromeliads family, has one edible fruit. It has a gorgeous appearance, fantastic flavor, huge fruit, fragrant smell. You can consume the pineapple raw or as a juice by adding some cinnamon to it. The dried pineapple is used in making desserts, puddings, cookies, and cakes. You can use it to decorate the salads and other dishes too.


    When was dried pineapple discovered?


    The tropical plant, pineapple, does not grow in Turkey because of the ecologic conditions of the country. The growing of pineapple is increasing by the day thanks to the evalutaion of its nutritional benefits and healthy features. Nowadays, the chance of marketing pineapples in Europe has improved.


    Where is the birthplace of dried pineapple?


    The birthplace of dried pineapple is in the south area of Turkey especially in Adan, Mersin, Antalya cities where the hot tropical weather is.


    How does the dried pineapple taste and what are its benefits?


    The pineapple is a kind of fruit which is preferred by so many people and has a very big nutritional value. The dried pineapple is used in the medical section and has various benefits for your physical and mental health. The dried pineapple is full of energy. The authentic taste of it is so sweet and aromatic.


    What does determine the quality of the dried pineapple?


    The quality of the dried pineapple is determined by its origin. We do choose the best full grown pineapples after harvesting them. After that, the pineapples are dried under the sunlight naturally or manually. The quality of pineapples is apparent from the gorgeous appearance and the color of it. The pineapple fruit is big in size, shelled and very tasty. The other important factor in determining the quality of pineapple is the packaging process.


    Where is the dried pineapple made?


    Pineapples are grown in hot warm climates in humic soils mostly in rainy places. It is planted in places of 1500 m above sea level. The pineapples are harvested in July or August. The factories produce dried pineapples in completely organic way.


    How is the dried pineapple prepared?


    We prepare the dried pineapple by peeling the fresh pineapples, slicing them up, and drying them under the sunlight for 2-3 days until approximately 75-80% of the juice of it is evaporated. We do pick the full grown pineapples and remove the stems. We do not dry them on soil but on very clean places that are well sun-lightened. Finally, we choose the best pineapples of high quality.


    What are the production steps of dried pineapples?


    The dried pineapple is produced in our production division where the most developed equipments according to the most modern technological standards and the international standards of Hygiene, all the production steps are controlled by the audit companies. We separate the pineapples according to their size and quality. Then, we do wash them and dry them in super clean and sunny place. We do store the dried pineapples in a cool place. After all we pack the product in a very secure way to be ready for your use.


    What are the shelf life and storage conditions of the dried pineapple?


    The shelf life of the dried pineapple is three months as long as you keep it in a dry place.




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