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Turkish Coffee With Mastic , 9oz - 250g

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  • Turkish Coffee With Mastic , 250 g 

    • Turkish Coffee With Mastic is obtained by roasting 0 Arabica coffee beans of the Rio Minas region of Brazil, which are the most suitable coffee beans for the Turkish palate.
    • Dark Roasted Turkish CoffeTurkish Coffee With Mastic e is specially roasted in a way that prevents spoiling of the coffee beans, freshness, and aroma.
    • Turkish Coffee With Mastic is one of the traditional Turkish flavors with an international reputation. A cup of coffee made with a piece of chocolate or turkish delight add an amazing pleasure to friendly conversations.
    • The shelf life of Turkish Coffee With Mastic is two years, as long as youkeep it in a dryplaceawayfromthedirectsunlight.
    • Turkish Coffee With Mastic does not contain any kind of additive substances or artificial sweeteners.
    • Turkish Coffee With Masticis carefully packed by our expert team in our special boxes.
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