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Muska Dessert Pestil , 12oz - 350g

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  • What is the Muska Dessert?


    It is one of the most natural and healthy desserts made from fruits which is produced in the rich nature of Turkey in term of geographical and ecologic conditions. The grown mulberries are picked in the hot days and dried. It is made from pestil by boiling the dried mulberries. It gives you a great sensation thanks to its appearance and special taste. It also makes you enjoy it by its elastic texture.


    When was muska dessert discovered?


    It is confirmed in the written sources that it was sent from Gümüşhane to the palace in the Ottoman Empire period. The mulberries cannot be stored. So the local people started to dry and store them for winter days. And that’s how it entered to the ottoman and Turkish cuisine. At that time, the dried mulberries were served with hot drinks for guests. And it still today has its own fame in Turkey and all over the world.


    Where is the birthplace of muska dessert?


    The muska dessert is one of the indigenous tastes of Gümüşhane.


    How does muska dessert taste and what are its benefits?


    The muska dessert is generally one of the desserts that are made to be consumed in winter. It has a smooth and bright texture. When you take the first bite of it you will feel the sourish taste of mulberries and then you will taste the unique flavor of its all ingredients. It is a natural cure source. It does not have any kind of additive substances. It is so easy-consumed in your busy days. It is a source of energy. It attracts people because of its organic production method.


    What does determine the quality of muska dessert?


    The organic production method determines the quality of the muska dessert. It is a good alternative for snacks. The delicious flavor of mulberries, the aroma of pekmez and honey, the fragrant smell of flour and milk, the taste of the mix of hazelnut with oil are the factors that have built up a huge fan base in the world. Day by day, the exports of the muska dessert increase and have good reviews. The taste of mulberries impacts the quality of it. In 2004, it has got a certificate of incorporation.


    Where is the muska dessert made?


    The muska dessert is made in our scientific and modern production sections according to the international quality standards and principals of Turkish food. It is met the expectations by abiding by the traditional methods of production in order to get the best quality. All the steps of picking, storing, drying, and producing are made under perfect hygiene conditions. Besides, all the technologic improvements are followed to innovate the production sections. The muska is completely natural and organic.


    How is the muska dessert made?


    The pestil is made from hazelnut, mulberry, milk, honey, mulberry pekmez, flour, and amylum. We boil the mix of water, mulberry pekmez, honey, sugar, and amylum in a pot. Besides, we mix flour with milk in another pot and add it to the boiling mix slowly. After cooking it, we scatter the super fresh Giresun hazelnut over it. Then, we pour it by spreading it over a piece of fabric. We dry it under the sunlight in summer and in an oven in winter. We wet the fabric and take the pestil off to cut it in the triangle shape. Then, we spread a mix of pekmez and honey on it. we add some hazelnut spread and fold it to give a triangle shape to the muska dessert. Finally, we service the muska after scattering mulberry pekmez on it.


    What are the production steps of muska?


    We control the quality of the hazelnut in our production sections after taking it from the villages. It does not have any kind of additive substances or artificial sweeteners. All the production steps of the muska are compatible and modern. We complete the production process with weighing and packing the product. It is stored according to the storage conditions.


    What are the shelf life and the storage conditions of muska?


    The shelf life of the muska is 10 days. Keep it in a damp-free place at room temperature.


    How is muska packed?


    It is packed and put in metal boxes to be delivered.

    • Nutrition Facts

      Serving Size:

      100 grams

      Amount Per Serving

      Calories from Fat 0

      Calories 449.7Kcal

      Total Fat 18.5 grams

      Saturated Fat 0 grams

      Polyunsaturated Fat 0 grams

      Monounsaturated Fat 0 grams

      Cholesterol 0.4 milligrams

      Sodium 6.2 milligrams

      Potassium 254.6 milligrams

      Total Carbohydrates 65.6 grams

      Dietary Fiber 0 grams

      Sugars 0 grams

      Protein 4.3 grams

      Vitamin A 4.9iu

      Vitamin C 1.6iu

      Calcium 79.2mg

      Iron 1.2


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