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History of Natural Tea

Tea is one of the most fragrant flavors having a universal fame. The history of tea goes back to the 14th century. The method of the cookery of tea differs between civilizations and it has a very special brewing method. Tea also has a great cultural value in the Turkish social life.


Natural Tea Varieties

There are many sorts of tea according to taste and production process. Here are some of the tea varieties: Jasmine Pearls Tea, Love Tea, Tropical Tea, Sage Tea, Pomegranate Tea, Apple Tea, Relax Tea, Turkish Tea, Yellow Chamomile Tea, Rose Buds Tea.

What are the nutritional benefits of natural tea?

The tea has numerous beneficial features for human body’s health. When you take one sip of the best tea, it gives you a sensation of refreshment and pleasure. Teal benefits are very known in each cuisine and that what makes it popular in so many countries.


How is natural tea served?

The Turkish cuisine has its own culture. Tea can be served in your special days like Bayrams and in any casual days. It is consumed alone or with friends. In Turkey, tea also is one of the main flavors of breakfast. It makes an excellent accompaniment to nuts and sweets.


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