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    Turkish delight, an indispensable dessert of Ottoman cuisine, continues to be the most popular dessert with its different content and aromas. Gourmeturca Special Box Ottoman Turkish Delight offers one piece of covered with real rose petals, one piece of covered with kadaif and one piece of covered with pistachio powder. Each Turkish delight contains pistachio inside.


    You can offer Gourmeturca Special Box Ottoman Turkish Delight to your homeparties and birthdays or serve them to children and adults who come for religious holiday. You can also serve this delicious and unique Turkish delight to your guests with Turkish coffee.


    Store in a cool and dry place. It can contain trace amounts of pistachio, hazelnut, almond and peanut.

    What is Turkish Delight?

    Turkish delight is a dessert variety that has been a tradition for centuries. While drinking tea and coffee in Turkish culture, Turkish delight is served to sweeten the mouth. Turkish delight is not only popular in our country. It has been adopted by other countries of the world and is common. Turkish delight, which is among the sugary foods in Turkish cuisine, is an issue that many people wonder about the details. Those who are curious about what is Turkish delight can learn all the details with this article. Our products are sent from Turkey to Europe.
    Turkish delight, which is an indispensable part of Turkish culture, has also become a tradition during holidays. It is with coffee, and it is an inseparable whole. Turkish delight has a very old history. It is believed that distributing promises, engagements, or weddings will bring abundance. It is necessary to mention the history of the traditional Turkish delight. Turkish delight can be called a tradition that will always live and live.

    How Did Turkish Delight Emerge?

    Although the history of Turkish delight is not clear, it has a story spread by word of mouth. This special and beautiful flavor originated for the first time in the Persian Empire period. Turkish delight, known as a confectionery that relieves the throat, is one of the indispensable flavors of Ottoman Cuisine. The information is given in the first cookbook also includes the flavors and benefits of Turkish delight. Turkish delight, whose name in Ottoman Turkish is Rahat'ül-hulkum, was later referred to only as lokum. Delight's first appearance dates back to the 15th century. Later periods also became famous and began to be wondered by everyone. After it spread to Europe, its name has spread as Turkish delight.
    Turkish delight is also made with various ingredients. In general, it contains flour, honey, and fruit extracts. These delightful delights, which are extremely delicious, started to be in great demand in the 1700s. Mass production started for the first time in this period. With the development of food technology, the content of Turkish delight has also changed, and different sweeteners and starch have been used. Those who know the taste of old locations understand the difference in taste when they taste the delights of today. You can find all kinds of Turkish delight on our site. It is easily delivered to European countries with Express cargo.

    How is Turkish Delight Made?

    While Turkish delight was made with honey and fruit in ancient times, today, it is made using various aromas, starch, and food dyes. First, enough sugar is boiled until it is completely dissolved in water. Then the starch and citric acid are left to dissolve. These are also mixed into sugar water. The mixture, which is boiled well, should be boiled by controlling its consistency. When it reaches sufficient consistency, it is put into containers with starch and kept for about a day. Finally, a hard place is given its final shape. It is sold in various forms.

    What Are The Types Of Turkish Delight?

    Every person has a different taste. Turkish delight varieties are prepared with every taste in mind. Turkish delight, prepared from all kinds of fruits and flavors, has a wide range of options. You can find a variety of delight for every taste on our site. Turkish Delights; It is offered for sale in rose, coffee, coconut, fruit, mint, pistachio, peanut, hazelnut, custard, or mastic.

    What are the Benefits of Turkish Delight?

    Turkish delight, which was used to relieve sore throats in the Ottoman period, is a food with many unknown benefits. To talk about the benefits of Turkish delight, water is like that;
    • It is good for problems such as skin wounds and boils.
    • Beneficial for kidneys. It helps to remove harmful toxins from the body.
    • It prevents bad breath. When the dose is consumed, it eliminates odors that occur in the mouth.
    • Turkish delight is good for people with throat inflammation. It facilitates swallowing. It dries up the inflammation in a few days.

    How to Service Turkish Delight?

    In Turkish cuisine, different serving methods are used when serving dessert and food. Presentation is very important. While Turkish delight is served, sour periods are served by wrapping it in a handkerchief. Today it is usually served with coffee. It is aimed to accompany the coffee by putting it in decorative delight holders. While coffee was consumed in the old times, a single Turkish delight was consumed by absorbing its aroma. Nowadays, it is more preferred to eat a few with coffee.

    Is Excess Turkish Delight Harmful?

    As with any dessert, Turkish delight can also be harmful when consumed too much. Since it contains starch and sugar, it is not recommended for those with diabetes. Turkish delights produced with honey are harmless and natural. Since delight consumption will be difficult to digest, the liver can also be stored as fat. This makes it easier to gain weight. Therefore, it is recommended to consume one Turkish delight daily with coffee.

    How are the Turkish Delight Prices?

    Turkish delight prices vary. Prices may vary depending on the ingredients and weight. To review the prices, you can visit the Gourmeturca website for detailed information.

    Turkish Delight Storage Time

    Turkish delight with its taste on the palate also gives a question of how it can be stored for days without losing its properties, as well as the question of how to make Turkish delight with its storage and consumption time. It can be stored for days and weeks without losing its flavor, provided that it is stored in a cool and dry place. In order for the flavor not to change and spoil, the best storage conditions should be prepared. It can also be stored in glass-lid jars and storage containers or in airtight gelatin bags. It can remain intact until consumption in an environment where storage conditions allow.

    Gourmeturca Delight in Express Cargo

    Gourmeturca of their delicious products from Turkey with Turkish delicacies all over the world are crossed. From the 15th century to the present, the delight of the delight is delivered to the desired address in a short time via Express cargo with the guarantee of Gourmeturca management. Our company brings to mind the problem of how to make Turkish delight all over the world with the service and all the advantages it provides. All orders are delivered within a short time. We bring Turkish flavors demanded from Europe together with expatriates and foreign citizens. You can buy the high quality and fresh delight varieties from Gourmeturca.

    Estimated Delivery Time:

    US & EU: 1-3 business days

    Middle East - China : 2-5 business days

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