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Tarhana with Sweet Pepper in Cloth Package 500 Gr


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  • Tarhana 500 gr with Sweet Pepper in Cloth Package, the seller determines the sale price of the product you have examined. The Turkish Cuisine, which is one of the richest cuisines, has managed to make itself known as one of the three most famous and important cuisines in the world with its Chinese and French cuisines. The food culture and traditional dishes of each country are important and there are some foods and beverages known as unique to that country. Tarhana is one of the most important foods that can be shown as an example for Turkish cuisine. It contains minerals such as mineral, protein, calcium, iron, potassium, magnesium. Turkish Standards Institute defines tarhana as a food product obtained by mixing and kneading wheat flour, semolina or their mixture with yogurt, onion, pepper, salt, tomato, flavoring and harmless herbal substances, then drying, grinding and sifting after fermentation. defines it. INGREDIENTS: Wheat flour, strained yogurt, sweet capia pepper, tomato paste, salt, dried mint, onion. PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: The tarhana dough, which is formed by mixing the raw materials that make up the sweet pepper tarhana in the required proportions, is left to ferment in wooden boats. The tarhana dough, which is fermented in a few days according to the ambient temperature, becomes ready to be processed to make tarhana. WEIGHT OF PRODUCT: Our products are shipped as 500 gr in 1 package.
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