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Assorted Turkish Delight , 15.8oz - 450g

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  • Assorted Turkish Delight

    • We offer you the most delicious assorted Turkish delight in Turkey, where it has a special significance for the culture.
    • It contains Turkish delight with hazelnut, orange flavoured Turkish delight with hazelnut, milk flavoured Turkish delight with pistachio, pomegranate flavoured Turkish delight with pistachio, kiwi flavoured Turkish delight with pistachio and Turkish delight with walnut.
    • All the Turkish delights are made with honey.
    • We produce assorted Turkish delight daily.
    • We pack assorted Turkish delight in a metal box and then vacuum it for shipping.
    • Precautions:
      • Screw the lid of the box securely to not let the air in it and store it in a dry and cool place away from the direct sunlight.
      • The shelf life of Turkish delight is three months as long as you keep it at the proper storage conditions.

    All orders are shipped via Express Shipping and tracking number is supplied for each order.

    Buy Turkish Delight

    Turkish delight comes with one of the most beautiful flavors that Turkey possesses. Turkish delight, known for its exquisite fragrance and excellent consistency in the mouth, is known as a source of happiness in every home it enters. Turkish delight, which is one of the favorite flavors of everyone, regardless of whether young, old, old, or young, takes its place with tea, coffee, and all the treats offered. The Gourmeturca site, which sells the most beautiful and exquisite varieties of Turkish delight, which is heavily ordered from all countries, is known as the address of those who want to buy Turkish delight and in other European countries. Everyone who hears the phrase Buy Turkish Delight from around wants to taste this flavor.

    Buy Turkish Delight from Gourmeturca

    Gourmeturca is a website that sends fresh and delicious delicacies to European countries by cargo and purchases products that are liked by everyone. This site, where shopping is done online, has been the choice of those who want to make safe shopping for years and has succeeded in establishing a throne in everyone's hearts with the fresh and delicious products it sends. Gourmeturca sends Turkish food to European countries with great love and adds its love to every product it sends. The Buy Turkish Delight option, which has an important place among the foods it sends, always manages to rank first among the preferred products. There are many other foods besides the Buy Turkish Delight option, and the demand for this site is increasing day by day.

    How to Buy Turkish Delight from Gourmeturca?

    Anyone who wants to shop from the Gourmeturca site can easily order and buy any flavor they want by entering the Gourmeturca address. These products, which everyone can easily order, are sent quickly and securely via Express cargo. Everyone who wants to enjoy all the products that set out to be delivered to the customer as quickly as possible from the moment the order is placed looks forward to these products. After examining all Turkish delights on the site, the desired Turkish delight can be ordered by clicking on the Buy Turkish Delight option, which has beautiful options. In addition to Turkish delight, hundreds of unique Turkish delicacies, which are unique on the site, can be added to the basket to try. The products added to the cart are then clicked on the Buy Turkish Delight or Buy other products option, and the last step is entered, and the address and payment method are entered, and the purchase is completed.

    The History of Turkish Delight Known With Its Flavor

    Turkish delight, which survived from the Ottoman period to the present day and managed to maintain its popularity everywhere, was frequently preferred in Ottoman palace kitchens. Turkish delight, also known for its many benefits to the body, was used to mean "Rahat'ul-hulkum," which means "relieving the throat," but the last name it reached today is in the form of "lokum." There are many types of Turkish delight, which are all beautiful and appeal to all tastes to a great extent.

    Beautiful Varieties of Turkish Delight

    Turkish delight, which takes the first place among the treats offered to people, is consumed in a different and beautiful variety as well as consumed plainly. All varieties of Turkish delight, such as Turkish delight with pistachio, fruit delight, coconut delight, mint delight, pomegranate delight, rose Turkish delight, walnut delight, double roasted Turkish delight, are available on the Gourmeturca site. If you want to try this flavor, you can create an order by purchasing Turkish delight.

    Why Is Turkish Delight Frequently Preferred?

    Turkish delight, which can always be put next to the treats and known for sweetening the mouth, is frequently preferred by everyone because of its aroma and the preference of all small and large people. Turkish delight, which once a taste wants to eat again, does not have too many calories. It is also very important that the Turkish delight, whose taste spreads from language to language, is fresh. Gourmeturca does not sell any stale and tasteless Turkish delight. The only and known purpose of this e-commerce site, which offers the best of every taste to people, is known as the people living in Europe and other countries to taste and enjoy Turkish flavors at an affordable price. By purchasing Turkish delight, you can send this beautiful gift to your loved ones in other countries in Europe.

    Known Benefits of Turkish Delight

    Turkish delight, which has not only one but many benefits, plays an important role in relieving the throat and reducing tonsillitis. However, the carbohydrate contained in it is filling and helps to keep you full. Turkish delight, known for its natural aroma, does not contain any harmful substances, unlike foods that are harmful to children, which means that families allow their children to consume it, although not very often.

    Turkish Delight Prices And Benefits Of Choosing Gourmeturca

    Anyone can buy Turkish delight from Gourmeturca, where there are Turkish foods suitable for every budget, with the option to buy Turkish delight even at the best price. Unlike other places, all products with modern and diverse products that offer quality at the most affordable price are offered to customers at discounted prices. Although everyone who places an order is very pleased with this situation, he also recommends it to all his family and friends. Turkish delicacies ranging from Turkish delights to fruit pulp, nuts, honey and breakfast products, dried vegetables, to many more products are offered at very affordable prices to anyone who has confidence in themselves and their taste buds on the online site of Gourmeturca. Anyone who trusts the food they eat and their taste buds can enjoy the taste of Turkish delight and the pleasant shopping experience with Gourmeturca by purchasing Turkish delight.

  • Nutrition Facts
    Serving Size:
    100 grams
    Amount Per Serving
    Calories from Fat 0
    Calories 375
    % Daily Value*
    Total Fat 0 grams
    Sodium 0 milligrams
    Total Carbohydrates 92.5 grams
    Dietary Fiber 2.5 grams
    Sugars 75 grams
    Protein 2.5 grams
    Percent Daily Values are based on a 2000 calorie diet.

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