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  • What is the love tea?

    Love tea, consists of a combination of plants and fruits as Melissa leaves, Apple, Orange, Lemon and Hibiscus (dried pomegranate flower), Carnation, Rosehip, Sage, Rose buds. The chat with tea is so enjoyable, because of this, it is consumed everywhere at any time of the day. It is known as cure of many illnesses. Love tea, is from today's phenomenon teas; relaxes, gives love, increases the hormone of happiness.


    When was it discovered?


    Tea’s magical story and growth is started a few centuries ago.  Tea has become quite popular since the 14th century. In the history of Turkish tea, it has an important place for folk culture. It has become the star of Turkish kitchen and conversation environments.


    Where is love tea’s birthplace?


    Love tea, collected and blended from various regions of Turkey's. Melisa plant, Sage tea and Carnation loves the Mediterranean season but grows in the Southern Anatolia Region.

    Apple comes from the Black Sea Region. Rose from middle of Anatolia, Orange and Lemon from the Mediterranean, Rosehip, Hibiskus plants join this unique tea from the unique lands of the Mediterranean and Aegean.


    What are the tastes and benefits?


    Love tea, aroma of plants flowing smoothly from the throat consumed in the right consistency has many benefits to human health. It is protects all body functions, rests the body, revives the spirit. It is a natural health store because it is one of the Turkish teas that are not used in food coloring, preservers, extra colorants. It has been shown to improve performance in sports


    What determines the quality?

    The first factor of the quality is the harvest shape. Love tea leaves and fruits are delivered to the factories as soon as possible without waiting. Thus, the leaves pass to the production without losing its vitality and freshness. The last factor is the drying time in the oven. The quality of Love Tea is registered and respected worldwide.


    Where is it produced?

    Love tea plants have high economic value, it is organic, its aroma is intense. There is no additives in it. It consists of warm climate and humus, moist soil lover plants.  Fertilization is done in the spring, early and end of the summer. At least 4 hours a day and plenty of light is provided. So, each one’s leaves and the fruits are beautiful, flashy and hefty.


    How is tea produced?

    The water is boiled and left for a few minutes when it is 80-85 degrees and placed in top teapot. Tea is added on top of the water, thus preventing too much boiling of tea. Four tea cups of hot water with a tea cup of love tea is suitable for brewing. The number of cups and the amount of tea should be proportional. Brewing time is 10 minutes. While the tea is brewing, the top of the mouth is closed with a stopper. Thus, the rich aroma does not fly, it becomes more delicious.


    How is the production stage?

    The water content of the collected tea leaves is high, The tea is laid on top of the metal plates and the excess water is reduced by fading from the bottom. When the water is reduced, the tea plant softens. After fading, the leaves are crushed and crimped on different machines. In the final stage, paid attention to protection of green tea leaves color, taste, aroma, bruise, smell while drying.  It is sieved, sorted according to its thickness and quality, blended and packed and presented to you.


    What is the shelf life and storage conditions?


    Shelf life is one year. Keep in a dry place away from direct sunlight.




    • Nutrition Facts
      Serving Size:
      100 grams
      Amount Per Serving
      Calories from Fat 0
      Calories 0Kcal
      Total Fat 0.0 grams
      Saturated Fat 0 grams
      Polyunsaturated Fat 0 grams
      Monounsaturated Fat 0 grams
      Cholesterol 0 milligrams
      Sodium 1 milligrams
      Potassium 9 milligrams
      Total Carbohydrates 0 grams
      Dietary Fiber 0 grams
      Sugars 0 grams
      Protein 0 grams
      Vitamin A
      Vitamin C
      Calcium 2mg
      Iron 0.08

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