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History of Marmalade

Marmalade was one of the main ingredients of the tastes made for celebrations, joy, pleasure, and meetings. This traditional flavor is a part of the heritage of the Ottoman cuisine to Turkey. Marmalade is considered as the king of the flavors. The marmalade is a main dish for breakfast in the Turkish cuisine culture. The marmalade made with most delicious fruit enriches the world cuisine with its ambience.


Marmalade Varieties

There are many sorts of marmalade according to taste, production type and place. Here are some of the marmalade varieties: Sloe Marmalade, Natural Sugar-free Rosehip Marmalade, Natural Sugar-free Hawthorn Marmalade, Natural Sugar-free Cornelian Cherry Marmalade.


How is marmalade made?

First, we wash the fruit and add them to a pot filled with water and some vinegar. Then, we rinse the fruit and put them in another pot. We add one glass of water to each kg of fruit and boil them at high temperature for 20 minutes. After that, we stain and cool them. We mash the fruit, add sugar and boil them to get the wanted texture of the marmalade. Finally, we let the marmalade cool.


What are the nutritional benefits of marmalade?

Marmalade gives a great sensation in the mouth. Besides it’s very beneficial for health and has so many uses. Marmalade can be made from various kinds of fruit which tempt all palates.


How is marmalade served?

Marmalade is a favorite dish for breakfast. It adds an amazing taste to the cakes served with tea and coffee. Besides, marmalade is used for making some main dishes in other countries. Its smell, color and flavor make it perfect.

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