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History of Tahini

The historical origin of the tahini goes back to the history of humanity. Tahini is made from sesame since very long period in Anatolia. The tahini was a nutritional source for Anatolians and considered very significant. And today tahini is still one of the integral parts of our cuisine.


Tahini Varieties

There are many sorts of tahini according to taste, production type and place. Here are some of the tahini varieties: Konya Bozkir Double Roasted Tahini, Tahini.


How is tahini made?

After preparing the sesame for the making process. We rinse the sesame in salty water for almost 9 hours and then wash it and shell the sesame seeds and put it the stone oven at high degrees for and crush them the next day. Then, we put them in a covered bowl filled with water for 3 days, in order to make it smooth. After that, we stain them in a sieve twice. As a result, we get a liquid in dark color. We boil the liquid by stirring it at medium heat for 3-4 hours. And the taste of the fruit will be changed when its original sugar is cooked.

What are the nutritional benefits of tahini?

Tahini is produced according to the principals of the ministry of agriculture and forestry in Turkey. The nutritional quality of tahini is very high. It is a favorite tahini for its naturalness and pureness.


How is tahini served?

The Turkish cuisine has its own culture. Tahini is an integral flavor at breakfast. Tahini also makes an excellent accompaniment to molasses at breakfast.

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