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Ottoman Tulumba Dessert , 17.6oz - 500g

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    Gourmeturca Ottoman Tulumba Dessert is a delicious traditional Ottoman dessert. It is squeezed through a thin hose (tulumba) and thrown into the hot oil, then it is turned into a delicious taste by adding sherbet. You will not miss it which is indispensable of Turkish cuisine from your table.


    Contains wheat flour, egg, sunflower seed oil, granulated sugar, corn starch, citric acid


    You can offer Gourmeturca Ottoman Tulumba Dessert for the guests who suddenly come to your house. You can taste it even more by serving it with Turkish coffee. It it also refreshes you and also gives you a feast of taste with its crispy dough when served with ice cream.


    Contains wheat flour (gluten) and eggs.

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