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History of Pekmez

Pekmez is made in the arid lands of Anatolia since the11th century. It was used in the Turkish cuisine culture for sweeting other kinds of dishes and still preferred today instead of sugar. Besides the molasses is used as a syrup for healing in the Ottoman Empire in the palace and by people.


Pekmez Varieties

There are many sorts of pekmez according to taste, production type and place. Here are some of the molasses varieties: Koska Jar of Grape Molasses, Koska Mulberry Molasses, Carob Molasses, Organic Carob Molasses, Organic Red Mulberry Molasses, Organic Grape Molasses, Carob Molasses, Organic Tahini Molasses, Organic Grape Molasses, Tahini Molasses with Carob, Tahini Molasses Mix, Carob Molasses.


How is Pekmez made?

We pick the fruit a day before cooking them. We wash and crush them the next day. Then, we put them in a covered bowl filled with water for 3 days, in order to make it smooth. After that, we stain them in a sieve twice. As a result, we get a liquid in dark color. We boil the liquid by stirring it at medium heat for 3-4 hours. And the taste of the fruit will be changed when its original sugar is cooked.


What are the nutritional benefits of Pekmez?

Molasses is very rich in ingredients. Pekmez is a cure of lots of illnesses. It is consumed daily due to its high nutritional values. Most of fruit grow with no help of mankind. Therefore, they have none fertilizers on.


How is Pekmez served?

Pekmez is used for sweeting other food dishes in the culture of Turkish cuisine and for making some food texture. You can also offer pekmez as a present for your loved ones because it has a good quality and considered as a health source.

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