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Pure Dried Strawberries , 14oz - 400g

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    What are the dried strawberries?


    Strawberries are a kind of fruit of the genus Fragaria. We get the dried strawberries by naturally drying the fruit after picking the best pink and red fragrant strawberries. Strawberries can be eaten dried or as a jam at breakfast. You can use the dried strawberries by cutting them in cubes to decorate salads. They can be used in making dried strawberry stew, different kinds of desserts, cookies, and cakes. It can be used as a snack served with coffee.


    When was dried strawberries discovered?


    Strawberries are seen first in 1700 according to the written history. In Istanbul, it was cultivated in home gardens for daily consumption. In the beginning of 1900 the seeding and the production of strawberries is started and named as “Black or Ottoman Strawberries” at that time.


    Where is the birthplace of dried strawberries?


    The birthplace of dried strawberries is in three regions in Turkey; Marmara, Aegean, and the Mediterranean especially in Mersin city where it gained the universal fame.


    How does the dried strawberries taste and what are its benefits?


    The strawberry has an aromatic taste. It tempts all palates. It has a very big nutritional value so it is used in diets. It takes the best flavor and aroma when it is full grown on plants. The strawberries are consumed daily. It can be mixed with water and honey and the dried strawberry stew is really preferred in hot days. The effects of dried strawberries are apparent in the immune system of the body. It is super healthy.


    What does determine the quality of the dried strawberries?


    The quality of the dried strawberries is determined by its origin. We do choose the best full grown strawberries after harvesting them. After that, the strawberries are dried under the best hygiene conditions. The quality of dried strawberries is apparent from the gorgeous appearance and the color of it.


    Where is the dried strawberries made?


    The texture of the fruit is very juicy. The dried strawberries are a present sent from the wet lands of mild weather to your kitchen. The production of it is completely organic. The best strawberries are grown in the dry weather. The fruity plants grow in countries where summer days are very hot and winter days are rainy and cold and that is the reason why it is cultivated in Turkey. It is harvested manually in the months of June and July.


    How are the dried strawberries prepared?


    Strawberry is medium in size and oval in shape. Strawberries grow fully in July and take the red color. The fruit is harvested and put in wooden containers. During the drying process the bright color of the strawberry might change to the dark red color. We put the strawberries on a baking paper or a clean fabric on a tray. We put the tray in oven pre-heated at 70° for 6-7 hours. The juice of the fruit will be evaporated slowly and the fruit will get small in size. After that we do pack them and store them in the fridge. We should not keep it in wet places. The dried strawberries can be steeped in water if it gets so hard.


    What are the production steps of dried strawberries?


    The dried strawberry is produced in our production division where the most developed equipments according to the most modern technological standards and the international standards of Hygiene, all the production steps are controlled by the audit companies. We separate the strawberries according to their size and quality. Then, we do wash them and dry them in super clean and sunny place. The product is dried in commercial ovens and food dehydration. We do store the dried strawberries in a cool place. After all we pack the product in a very secure way to be ready for your use.


    What are the shelf life and storage conditions of the dried strawberries?


    The shelf life of the dried strawberries is three months as long as you keep it in a dry place.




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