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History of Churchkhela  

The churchkhela is one of the significant tastes in the dessert culture of Anatolia. Although the date when it is made first is unknown but its history goes back to the Ottoman Empire. Knowing the benefits of the nuts in energy and intelligence, the Sultans had it made by local people and it was consumed largely. The walnut churchkhela was offered for the guests of the palace. Since then, the churchkhela became one of the indigenous desserts in the Turkish cuisine.

Churchkhela Varieties

There are many sorts of churchkhela according to taste, production type and place. Here are some of the churchkhela varieties: Walnut Churchkhela, Pikola Churchkhela, Gumushane Walnut Churchkhela, Yusufeli Walnut Churchkhela, Yusufeli Walnut-Hazelnut Churchkhela, Special Gourmeturca Pestil Mix, Special Gourmeturca Turkish Delight & Pestil Mix, and Special Gourmeturca Nuts & Pestil Mix.

How is Churchkhela made?

Churchkhela has its own fame in Turkey and in the world. The must: we boil grape molasses, water, honey and starch together. We blend flour and milk in a separate pot then add it to the main mixture slowly. After cooking the mixture we let it cool. We dip the strung nuts onto the thread in the membranous fruit must. We repeat this step 45 times to make sure that the nuts are completely covered with the must. After that we hang the thread to make it dry. These procedures take one week in houses but only two days in factories.

What are the nutritional benefits of Churchkhela?

The churchkhela is generally one of the desserts that are made to be consumed in winter. The sweet taste of fruit must and the oil of white nuts give a great sensation in the mouth. Churchkhela is full of energy. The nutritional value of churchkhela is concerned in the quality of honey, milk, fruit, and nuts used in the making. This product is quite delicious and smooth.

How is Churchkhela served?

The Turkish cuisine has its own culture. Churchkhela can be served in your special days like Bayrams and in any other occasions. We do usually service the churchkhela after scattering fruit molasses on it. Churchkhela also makes an excellent accompaniment to Turkish coffee and tea.

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