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History of Dragees

Dragee is produced in Turkey since 1900. The production of dragee started with the establishment of the first candy factory. It has been flavored with numerous tastes like cacao and other colorful fruits which make it pleasant and enjoyable.


Dragees Varieties

Here are some of the varieties of dragee: Lebbes Almond Candy, Lemon Dragee, Mandarin Dragee, Assorted Dragee, Coffee Flavoured Dragee, Assorted Dragee, Special Gourmeturca Mix.


How is Dragee made?

We put the fruit pieces in cold water. After washing them we boil them in a big pot. We repeat the process three times. Eventually, we add natural sugar to water and stir it for 30 minutes and boil it again to have the texture of syrup. Then, we cool it. We melt chocolate with hazelnut oil together in a separate pot. After melting the mix we add the fruit pieces to it. We put the chocolate covered fruits on baking paper on a tray. Then, we put them in fridge to let them solidify. After taking the dragee out of the fridge we coat it with cacao. Then, we sieve the cacao powder. Finally, we store the dragee in fridge or in a cool place.


How does the Dragee taste?

The aromatic smell of chocolate is blended with the appetizing taste of fruit to form a piece of candy small in size but great in taste. The esthetic appearance of chocolate dragee besides the pleasant smell of chocolate contribute to the beauty of it.


How to serve dragee?

The dragee has a nice appearance in the gift box and it can be served with Turkish coffee and milk coffee in special days like Bayrams.

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