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History of Kadaif 

The Kadaif is a very known and preferred dessert in the whole world. It is confirmed that Kadaif has its origins in the Seljuk and Anatolian principalities. It was known that the Turks love pastries and that is why their cuisine was very rich in those kinds of food, and the Kadaif was one of the most delicious desserts. It is one of the irreplaceable desserts offered in our special days and in family meetings.

Kadaif Varieties

There are many kinds of Kadaif according to taste, production style and production place. Here are some of the Kadaif varieties: Handmade Pistachio Twisted Kadaif, Pistachio Rolled Kadaif, Pistachio Twisted Kadaif, Turkish Delight with Shredded Pastry.

How is Kadaif made?

Kadaif has its own fame in Turkey and in the world. Kadaif pastry is a roasted shredded pastry made from flour and water. It is used in so many ways in the Turkish cuisine. The Kadaif dessert is made from shredded pastry sweetened with syrup or milk. We make the mixture of its pastry from water and flour. We let the dough rest then shred it. We take a handful of the pastry shreds, spread it out, sprinkle the nuts on it, and roll it up. We brush the baking tray with some melted butter and pekmez then place the Kadaif on it. We pour a mix of melted butter and oil on the top then bake it. After baking it the melted butter percolates into it. We sprinkle the ground pistachio and pour the syrup over the top. The syrup: we boil 5 glasses of water and 4 glasses of sugar for 15 minutes then we add a few drops of lemon juice and boil it for more 1-2 minutes. We pour the syrup on the Baklava after removing it from the oven. It will be ready to be served after percolating the syrup into it.

What are the nutritional benefits of Kadaif?

The taste of Kadaif is not so sweet or so sour. The initiative content of Kadaif is flour, which is derived from white, brown and yellow flours. The other ingredients are pistachios, water, sugar, lemon juice, butter and molasses. The water amount added to the dough and the quality of pistachio are the factors forming the unique taste of Kadaif during the production process. It has a mild flavor so it does not cause stomach swelling.

How is Kadaif served?

The Turkish cuisine has its own culture. Kadaif can be served in your special days like Bayrams and in business meetings. It makes an excellent accompaniment to Turkish coffee and tea.

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