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About Marron Glace

Marron Glace; the sweet syrup mixture of chestnuts is a dessert. Chestnut candy is one of our legendary tastes. It has a satisfying feature; delaying the feeling of hunger, it is natural and nutritious. Due to its own sugar syrup, it is intensely sweet and it is the energy store as well as its magnificent taste.


How is Marron Glace made?

The chestnut sugar recipe is laborious. First the chestnut's hard outer shells are peeled off with a knife. Leave the hairy thin crust for 5 minutes in hot water for the self-separation. While waiting in the water at the same time a little soft chestnuts are boiled again for five minutes on low heat. The water is filtered and taken to another pot. Two types of construction are continued: Fist type is made by boiled chestnuts are placed in thick cheesecloths and dipped into boiling syrup. Second type; the raw chestnuts are placed in a saucepan, , pouring hot sugar on top and boiling for about 30 minutes on low heat for two hours. The chestnuts are left to cool for 1 day to draw the sherbet thoroughly. The next day, again by carefully placing it over a very low fire, boil a few more minutes until it is thoroughly absorbed. The chestnuts from the stove are cooled and ready to serve.



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