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History of Pestil  

Pestil is one of the most natural and healthy desserts made from hazelnuts and fruits which is produced in the rich nature of Turkey in term of geographical and ecologic conditions. It is confirmed in the written sources that it was sent from Gümüşhane to the palace in the Ottoman Empire period. The mulberries cannot be stored. So the local people started to dry and store them for winter days. And that’s how Pestil entered to the ottoman and Turkish cuisine.

Pestil Varieties

There are many sorts of Pestil according to taste, production type and place. Here are some of the pestil varieties: Hazelnut Pestil, Muska Dessert Pestil, Hazelnut Sultan Pestil, Gumushane Hazelnut Dried fruit Pestil, Gumushane Walnut Dried Fruit Pestil, Yusufeli Grape Dried Fruit Pestil, Yusufeli Mulberry Dried Fruit Pestil, Special Gourmeturca Pestil Mix, and Special Gourmeturca Nuts & Pestil Mix.

How is Pestil made?

Pestil has its own fame in Turkey and in the world. The pestil is made from fruit, milk, honey, fruit molasses, flour, starch and nuts. We boil the mix of water, fruit molasses, honey, sugar, and starch in a pot. Besides, we mix flour with milk in another pot and add it to the boiling mix slowly. After cooking it, we scatter the super fresh nuts over it. Then, we pour it by spreading it over a piece of fabric. We dry it under the sunlight in summer and in an oven in winter. We wet the fabric and take the pestil off to give it the wanted shape. Finally, we service the pestil after scattering fruit molasses on it.

What are the nutritional benefits of Pestil?

The Pestil is generally one of the desserts that are made to be consumed in winter. It has a smooth and bright texture. When you take the first bite of Pestil you will feel the sour taste of fruit and then you will taste the unique flavor of its all ingredients. Pestil is a natural cure source. Pestil does not have any kind of additive substances. It is so easy-consumed in your busy days. Pestil is a source of energy. Pestil attracts people because of its organic production method.

How is Pestil served?

The Turkish cuisine has its own culture. Pestil can be served in your special days like Bayrams and in any other occasions. We do usually service the pestil after scattering fruit molasses on it. Pestil also makes an excellent accompaniment to Turkish coffee and tea.

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